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Custom Lightbox Skin (PSD)

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Today‚Äôs freebie is a custom lightbox skin in PSD format – just enough to give your lightboxes the edge and stand out from the ‘default skin’ brigade.

Chances are you’re like me, have used lightboxes in many of your designs but have always stuck to the default skin. Today’s freebie should give you a base from which to create your own. Who’s going to be the first to port this into a PrettyPhoto skin I wonder? Click the image above to see the full preview. Enjoy the download!

Edit: This has now become the default PrettyPhoto theme. Whoop!


  1. Croata

    Dude you are the best, it’s incredible quality, please make tutorial videos for us !!!

    • Orman

      Hopefully I will get some time for some tuts in the future.

  2. Whoa! This looks great! I’m definitely going to be using this next time I use a modal/lightbox plugin.

  3. Dave Kingsnorth

    Is PrettyPhoto your lightbox of choice? I really like your style, thanks for the free downloads

    • Orman

      I tend to use the lighbox that suits the requirements. When I need video, flash etc I tend to opt for PrettyPhoto

  4. Anthony Cook

    Awesome stuff as always pal! Now which clever clogs is gonna implement this in to a light box script or better yet make there own! hehe

  5. Awesome! Gotta love lightbox. Really like the style you put on it!

  6. Excellent as always Orman!

  7. WOW Nice work :) it’s time to upgrade PrettyPhoto

  8. You always seem to give us just what we need don’t you? Thanks for this :)

  9. My preference these days is FancyBox.

    I really like what you’ve done, but what is the ‘play’ button used for? Not that it matters :)

  10. thailam

    I really appreciate your works
    and thanks for sharing

  11. Nice! Looks like your Redux theme puts this to use. . .and answere Maurice on what the Play button was for. . .it’s fun to see you release a freebie like this, then a week later see you release a theme where you use the freebie! Good stuff!

    Keep it up! You inspire a lot of people!

  12. michael

    thanks I have always been a bit lazy when it comes to styling my light boxes, thanks for this

  13. fcarr

    wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

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