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Custom Audio Player Skin (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a sweet little custom skin for an audio player. If you’re looking to add audio to a site then switching from the default skin could be a good idea.

I cooked this up for an upcoming project and thought you might find it useful. The download (PSD) includes all the necessary elements for a quick and simple player such as the progress bars and icons. Comes in a wicked shade of black and yellow too :)

Edit: Check out the HTML version by @thelukemcdonald – awesome work!


  1. As usual, this is really sexy.

    Keep up the good work Orman !

  2. John

    Pure Bliss. Congratulations mate!

  3. Robert

    Looking good Orman!

  4. LOVE IT!
    Orman, how do you pick your colors so perfectly?
    If i pick colors they don’t just look right :(

    • Orman

      Hmm a bit of trial and error I’d say. I start off with what I *think* will look right and often find myself tweaking as I go.

  5. Don

    You have a video player skin a few pages in, but I’d love to see one with this look and feel. How about it? :)

    • Orman

      Sure why not, I could follow up today’s freebie with a more complete video player. I’ll put it on the list, thanks for the suggestion :)

  6. Matt

    Every thing you do, you do it big…Lol.

  7. Vinay

    Holy cow, Your shadows are so mouth watering.

  8. heishage

    wonderful color choice~!

  9. mattnguyenn

    nice! it looks like some wu tang colors! lol

  10. Clean, nice colors ;).

  11. Outstanding, I’m using this for my own HTML5 audio player project (

    Many thanks!

  12. Laura

    Amazing and, as I see, like all other project so lovely.
    I used this here, with some changes: hope you don’t mind!

    Thank you very much!

  13. Chris

    Looks great!

    Is the icons a part of a set?

  14. Cyril

    Hi Orman,
    I follow you for several months and I really admire your work. I am currently doing a jQuery plugin for chromeless players (youtube and dailymotion) and I used your work to a theme.

    • Orman

      That looks awesome, let me know how it turns out :)

  15. Michael

    I absolutely love it.

  16. Hey Orman,
    I coded this into a MediaElement.js skin, you can find it here:

  17. Digital Media

    @Orman, @Daniel, on the version of MediaElement.js there some other grey icon than the play/pause. I’m looking to have “official” icons. I don’t find them in your PSD Orman, Did you use a set i can use please?

  18. Lana

    Perfection!! This is exactly what I wanted.

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