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Compact Music Player (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a sleek and simple compact music player interface. I’m thinking a website widget or a music app skin. Either way, you’ll be dressed to impress.

The design includes the track name, artist name, a rating system, track controls and a timeline – certainly enough to be a great little widget for a music-orientated site. As always, the download includes a fully editable PSD. Enjoy!


  1. Great stuff Orman, it’s always inspiring to see your latest creations

    • TJ

      hey perrycoke.. do you like south park?

  2. TJ

    very cool player keep up the great work

    • Yeah I am, what made you think that ;) lol

  3. zip

    Excellent work!

  4. Steve

    Very cool!

  5. Fantastic work as always Orman!

  6. can someone code it in html or whatever? :D
    great Design, wanna use it in my Website! ^^

  7. This is awesome! I’ll think I’l make it an jQuery/HTML5 player with a playlist! Fantastic work Orman!

  8. Fantastic work Orman!

  9. JD

    Awesome! You like Lil Wayne? Even more win.

    • Orman

      I can’t deny it, I do!

  10. Chris

    I’d love to see this coded into jPlayer…Would be sweet….Any volunteers? :-)

  11. Interesting, its very simple

  12. Guys, you can download this player on – coded in html and it’s using YouTube API

  13. I’m going to try and code this into a sweet little music player, I’ll let you know what I come up with :)

  14. reza

    Impressing , love your work .


    I will try to use it on a website that i am design by the way to build a record label ( with a friend ). I hope to ‘Feedback’ you the stuff we build. Real thing I hope it does not take so long ‘cos in this days I am bit tried. Just one thing we try to place a control volumen and maybe a flip for the image…

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