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  1. Wow, great one!:-)

  2. Yep I like this one too

  3. Jack Doyle

    Really love the way you displayed the Twitter name, quite innovative IMO. Gave me some ideas, thanks again for the awesome work Orman!

    • Orman

      Excellent, glad it sparked some ideas :)

  4. clean and nice :)

  5. Khoa Vu

    Your work always inspire me!

    • Orman

      Thanks, that’s great to hear! You’ll have to show me what you come up with one day.

  6. I love the transparent borders in your projects. They give the freebies you make a finishing touch :P

    • Orman

      Ha yeah, the devil is in the detail as they say.

  7. Nate

    I really want this one! +.+

    Good job! love it!

  8. Nice one, i liked the teaser text too.

  9. Chakintosh

    I love the message :)

  10. Decided to make another CSS-ification, and to make it a challenge I haven’t used any ‘real’ images. I have, however, been a bit lazy and not added support for neither Firefox nor Opera, though I believe it should be possible to support both by changing some prefixes (and some other stuff).

    Actually, since I’m using the new WebKit gradient syntax the only browser fully supported is the WebKit nightly builds, though this is due to laziness on my part rather than shortcomings in any of the modern browsers.

    Here is the link:

    The things going on in the background (pun!) are two radial gradients for the lightening, one base64 png for the pattern and one canvas background for the noise. Also to centre stuff vertically I’ve used flexible box model, yeeeeaaaaaaaaaah.

    • And in the spirit of freebies you may use the code however you want, though you should probably modify it for cross-browser support first.

  11. Love it ! Thanks :)

  12. I coded this too, works in the latest browsers and it should work in the older ones, just without fancy effects

  13. Timo Helken

    Absolutely love it!
    I used some parts and designed + developed a coming soon page for my new project.

    Go check it out:

    Keep up the awesome work!

    • Love the splash page!

    • Carlos

      Hi Timo, the splash page looks great! Love how the entire email field shakes when you hit ‘Submit’ without filling it in. How on earth did you achieve that?

  14. andrés

    So cool form man, thanks for sharing it!

  15. I took it a step further and modified João Sardinha’s code to turn it into a WordPress theme, complete with an options panel. Also added your wonderful pixel patterns as a full suite of background options.


    You can download it here:

    Unfortunately, I felt that the 300px box-shadow used by João was a little too much for browsers (performance issues), so I reduced that to 115px, where I can see no slowness. Maybe others can firebug it and share their experience.

    Orman, thanks for this great design. João, thanks for making the HTML version :)


  16. bennorris1

    made my working day a bit easier to grab and use this, thank you sir

  17. tigreblanc

    thank you for sharing this awesome freebie

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