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Code Editor App (PSD)

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Today’s freebie is a sweet and simple code editor design inspired by the in-built code editor at Beanstalk. Check out the full view to see it in full glory. Enjoy!

Edit: For those using Coda 2, I put together a theme which replicates the syntax highlighting shown above. Feel free to download it and give it a whirl –


  1. That’s wicked awesome!

  2. Mike

    Is it just me, or are the colors a bit dull?

    • Orman

      Make them brighter with the PSD :)

  3. Awesome! you should find some one to make this an app! Need something light weight like Programmers note pad but for Mac!

    • Orman

      If there’s any devs out there willing to bring it to life I’m certainly willing to donate the design to the cause :)

    • Wyatt

      Looks a lot like Chocolat ( — which is a killer editor, btw.

  4. Rubén

    Like SublimeText ;)

  5. Adam B

    Wow so cool!

    I have a very similar TextMate theme on GitHub called Harvest. I’ll definitely use your colors for inspiration… they’re more easy pleasing!

    Anyone interested in the TextMate / Sublime theme,
    I should have it updated in a few days with these colors.

  6. Michael

    Oh, so minimal and cute. And what happens when you start compiling? All gone.

  7. Nice work.

  8. I used this awesome design as inspiration when coding one of my VB.NET projects, IPConfig.

    Thanks a ton Orman! :)

  9. lyt1ne


  10. Sanne

    That reminds me, I should be writing code, not drooling over all these gorgeous designs…

    … well, maybe I’ll just check out one more page.

  11. stealthpaladin


    I’m a developer and appreciate the work on this design. I’m starting work on a web interface using much of this theme.

    Have a good one. ;p

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