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Clean & Simple Line Chart (PSD)


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Friday’s freebie is a clean and simple line chart. Admin panels, analytics, reports – they can be pretty too right? This chart should give you a solid starting point.

The design itself is pretty simple, focusing mainly on the data points and the lines themselves and I’ve included a small tooltip for closer investigation of the data. Enjoy and let me know if you find it useful!


  1. Joachim

    Very fresh!

  2. Gorgeous chart — have the perfect use for this in a project I’m currently working on. Thank you!

    • Orman

      Excellent! Let me know how that turns out!

  3. john

    Seriously man, where do you find the time to do all that staff :)
    I love this one btw

    • john

      I mean…. freebies, themes, coding, support, marketing… How many hours does your day have? :P

    • Orman

      Haha, I work far too many hours that’s for sure. Tough to get away when it’s (mostly) fun.

    • David

      I agree, great stuff you got here.

  4. john

    Same here… I understand what you mean completely.
    btw, check out
    I have used your ppixels theme to build this website for my wife.
    It’s in greek, but it is about landscape architecture and ecology…

  5. Michael

    Man, I imagine even when you have the chance to “get away”, you’re still thinking about what needs to be done next, how to fix this piece of code and about all the morons who post comments talking about your to chance to “get away” and “fixing pieces of code” – wait, huh? Anyways…

    Awesome stuff dude – awesome. stuff. dude.

  6. aa

    Orman, you should know that your design makes me happy. If you stop doing great themes I’ll die :D

  7. @MartijnOud

    I hit ‘Love it’, because I do.

    • haha.. This is the most sensible comment I’ve read today.. :D

  8. Zack S.

    Beautiful, as always.

  9. Philip moore

    This is lovely!

  10. iwao

    clean and sex

  11. Nice work! Any idea which javascript charting libraries would work best with this type of design?

  12. Vin Lim

    Another great piece. Totally admiring your efforts! The world could use more people like you

  13. Awesome chart Ormin – well done.

  14. David

    Wow, this is super quality! Thank you.

    Also, I love your pop up design, very minimalist. I would super appreciate that template! :))

  15. I’ve had to work with charts like this for years. Pretty hard to make a boring graph this appealing. I especially like the fact that it’s not 3D. Well done!

  16. Simple and elegant. Just beautiful. This will be great representing Google Analytics data. Thank you so much!

  17. This is a great looking chart. You took a boring subject and made it interesting.

  18. Your work never ceases to amaze me Orman! Your a great source of inspiration! =]

  19. This is gorgeous!

  20. this is HOT. Damn, I LOVE you design.

    Anyway to port this over to Flot or another charting code? Any ideas?

  21. Been looking for a simple chart like this. Great work!

  22. Jbrider

    Thank you ! I’m using this design for my latest project, I’m using raphaelJS.

    you can find some code here :

  23. It looks very clean and stylish.
    Thank you for this.

  24. Hey Orman,

    I just wanted to point out that this site is distributing this as well as some of your other assets.. It might be legit, but I just wanted to pass it along!

  25. Anyone has coding tutorial for this PSD?

  26. Hi Orman,

    Fantastic line chart, I tried to emulate it with Highchart library.

    Take a look

    • Orman

      Ha, that looks great!

  27. Danilo

    Hi, I’ve edited José JFiddle to made very similar to your linechart.. :)

    This is the result:

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