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Clean & Simple Image Slider (PSD)

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Today’s freebie is yet another addition to the clean and simple club – an elegant image slider. If you’ve into web deign, then you’re into sliders.. probably.

The image slider would make a great addition to perhaps a portfolio or indeed any site which could make use of a gallery. The download includes the editable PSD for your own customisations. Click the image below to view the full size preview.

By the way, if you’re looking for a sweet little jQuery slideshow plugin you should definitely check out “Slides” by Nathan Searles.


  1. This is very cool Orman, I’m actually integrating it into a design as we speak. Thanks!

    • Orman

      Great! Let me know what you come up with :)

  2. Yes, this slide is beautiful! Thank you for allowing me to learn from your work!

    • Steve

      Agreed! So glad I stumbled upon this. Thanks for the organized files too…always appreciate the attention to detail.

    • Orman

      Thanks guys, appreciate it :)

  3. Great design man! One question though, how exactly can I integrate this into wordpress with lets say, slidedeck? Thanks and keep up the amazing work!

    • Orman

      I can only take you so far I’m afraid, you either need to get hold of a decent front-end developer or start dipping into CSS/JS tutorials :)

  4. Jono

    Only just discovered this site, but it will no doubt be a great resource for years to come! :)

  5. Vasilis

    Awesome,thank you very much!

  6. Andrés

    Great design! Thanks!!!

  7. Sahand

    best. website. ever.

  8. Some nice stuff here on your website!
    Thanks for all that charity :) Very useful and very pretty elements.
    Your themes on Themeforest are also hot!

  9. josh

    How do I download?

    • Orman

      Click the appropriate link in the last paragraph.

  10. no there isnt a download button >_<

    • Orman

      Click the link to 365psd in the last paragraph.

  11. Orman probably thinks I’m stalking him by now, but here’s another implementation of one of his great designs. The above Simple Image Slider has been sliced and implemented using the Cycle jquery plugin, you can find it at the following links:

    A demo:

    The blog post with the download:

    as always this is distributed under a really open license and if you need any help or support with it, let me know at my blog and I’m happy to help!

  12. Karen

    JoeP I love you!! And you too of course Orman (goes without saying). You’ve both saved me hours of work, and my site is looking fab, fab, fab! xx

  13. gastongenovese

    Hi Orman! Is this Slider available for WordPress??

  14. So sorry to keep commenting on everything I download, I am not Spam honest! I am just so chuffed that I have found a site with such a high level of design that I can actually download and look at how you have put it together. Really made my day! Inspired me also.

  15. Carol

    Awesome! :)

  16. GLG

    Thank you! I need to float pagination above image. Can you point me in the right direction?

  17. Sajid

    Thank you so much yaaar!!

  18. Choco

    Is it really free to use anywhere I want? Or do I have to past something somewhhere to use it on my webpage?

  19. Hossein

    thanks for this , but if i want use image button nstead of img
    which tag in jquery must be changed?

  20. Omer

    Very nice man!

  21. Noely

    This place is awesome!

  22. very nice collection !

  23. Chloe

    It works great except for IE7 (and probably IE8) – as soon as I link to both CSS (my own and “Slides” – global), the “fade” effect disappears. Images simply load, without transition.

    The issue comes from #container { position:relative;

    When “position:relative;” is removed, the “fade” effect works but of course “Slides” shift to the edge of browser leaving layout behind. Did you come across this issue and solution?

  24. TREZ


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