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Circular Power Buttons (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is something a little different and from our first ever guest author Zan – a set of power buttons. I’m sure you’ll agree, Zan has done a great job of putting these together.

The preview for this one speak volumes as the download includes the power button in both the on and off state.

Zan is a young designer based in Central Europe and has just embarked on his freelance career a few months ago – I’m sure he’ll be just fine! You can find out more about Zan and his work on his personal site 92five. Give me your feedback, would you like to see more guest contributions like this?


  1. User contributions are probably a win-win thing, but I’m pretty sure designers who have their work featured on Premium Pixels get a lot more win for their pixels, so to speak. ;)

    This one looks great and as long as you keep thee quality of approved submissions in line with what we’ve seen so far (which I don’t doubt), I think this is a great idea!

  2. Hey Orman,
    I like the subtle yet very noticable shading and effects on these buttons.
    Great work :)

  3. Cookie

    This looks amazing as usual, but the graphics of the “LED” thing being ‘on’ looks a bit weird.

  4. Dan F

    Makes me want to reach out and touch them. Actually, it makes me want to twist them, I reckon they’d be bonza volume dials

  5. Laura

    They look absolutely perfect!

  6. Wow, great idea! With how much effort you put into these freebies it seems to be a sound natural progression. Hooray for the community!

  7. Oh

    Very well done!

  8. dominic

    The buttons look great thanks! Also I’ve always wondered if you have those nice noise backgrounds you use on the demos as a tiling PS pattern/patterns?

  9. Cecilie

    Great job, Zan!

  10. xzoran


  11. I think having guest contributors is a great idea because it can produce more regular content. I’m sure you will keep the quality high too.

  12. Hannan

    You are an angel :)))

  13. Marcdesigner


  14. mocsdn

    this is a so beautiful picture and I like it,thx

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