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Carbon Fibre Photoshop Patterns

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Today‚Äôs freebie is a set of 4 custom made carbon fibre Photoshop patterns, together with a set of 4 pre-made carbon fibre backgrounds. I’m too good to you.

Carbon fibre is a useful resource to have in your arsenal as its usage never truly seems to go out of fashion – if is does it always comes back! The download includes the Photoshop pattern (.pat file) and a tiled 2000px x 2000px jpeg of each. Used these in a design? Stop by and show me what you created. Enjoy the download!


  1. Just downloaded the patterns and it’s awesome!!. Great work orman!!
    I like this website btw, wish I could find on themeforest for this kind of design :D

    • Orman

      Thanks, glad you like them! You never know, a theme like this just may turn up on ThemeForest one day ;)

    • naseem

      i just love those background but you can include some with round blacks on silver.

    • Orman

      On the list :)

    • Brian

      Really useful. Thanks!

  2. Aj

    Another awesome Freebie. Added to my site!

  3. Great one! Thanks!

  4. Jeremy

    Thanks Mate – very much appreciated :)

  5. Gigi

    Very nice! Thanks for this I appreciate it :-)

  6. Shane

    Just found this site ,and awesome work Thank You for the freebies. may have to get some more things to work with. I just bought cs5.5 master collection ,so i will be busy.

  7. EMil

    Thank you so mutch,you are GRATE!

  8. EMil

    ..I mean GREAT :),sorry for my bad english…

  9. urban

    Orman, awesome Freebies! Really useful
    Thank you very much!

  10. Angel

    Great job Orman. Useful and nice freebies… Thanks

  11. azuredesolate

    Awesome work, thanks :-)

  12. Kaveesha

    Just found this website and absolutely love it!!
    I’m a beginner in Photoshop and for all the great tutorials on Youtube I needed custom patterns, and this was the perfect Site.
    Thanks Orman!!!!

  13. tracht

    46,603: lots of carbon fibre out there
    & so easy to recycle…sweet!

  14. knnknk

    Thank You so Much!:)

  15. Fatih

    That’s great. Thank you so much..

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