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Business Website Template Design

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Today’s freebie is mahoosive, a complete site layout perfect for businesses, apps, products or services. If you’re planning your next corporate site, this could be for you.

Included in the download is the complete design for a homepage including sections for featured content, screenshots, screencasts, various features, newsletter signup and much more – everything you would need to start building a full-on corporate website. Feeling a bit lazy? This site layout is available as a fully coded WordPress theme.


  1. redhousewd

    NO WAY! Very nice dude, very generous, considering you just put this up for sale! Great work Orman…

    • Orman

      Well hopefully people will learn a few things from the PSD which they obviously can’t from the WP version.

    • redhousewd

      That’s true, but I just picked up Classica, dude… that thing is a work of ART, code-wise. That does not get the credit it deserves. So actually, it really doesn’t matter which way you go, lol. Hat’s off…

      I think I speak for many when I say thanks for an invaluable resource

  2. epic!

  3. Dude, that is phenomenal – far better than some PSD layouts people are charging big bucks for. Congratulations!

    You probably know this already – but you’ve got a great thing going here :o)

    • Orman

      Thanks, appreciate the kind words. It’s only a great thing because you guys keep coming back!

  4. Awesommmee as always!!! :)

  5. GREAT!
    such a nice layout
    good Inspiration :)

  6. AWESOME !

    you`re my hero :)

  7. Awesome, this will definitely be fun to code (For fun, of course!)

  8. DUDE! This site just keeps blowing my mind. Great release Orman.

  9. Wow. Just the other day I was thinking, “I bought Zillapress a while ago but I’m feeling Redux quite a bit more.” Now I can just make some change using this PSD, awesome! Thanks Orman :)

    • Orman

      Haha yeah nice!

  10. iwao

    Your rocks !

  11. Your generosity knows no bounds. Thanks Orman!

  12. Leandro

    There is no other designer I wait too long. Still always surprises me.

  13. Colin

    Orman, thanks for all the freebies you worked hard on so far, they’re all excellent!


  14. AN

    Like someone said you have great thing going on here! I like how you work and make your earnings, you first provide these superb free resources and make everyone happy, then you politely ask if they would like to consider also other stuff. This is how people should do their business more, give something for free first, and that way get audience and possibly happy new customers. Keep it up!

  15. Extremly great job. Love it!

  16. I can’t believe you just give this stuff away – your a mentalist! Epic work, as always :)

  17. ed

    Just bought the WP version…you are the MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

    • Orman

      No, you’re the man!

  18. Sandra

    You are very very kind, this site is one of my favorite and you are very talented designer!

    Thanks for everything you share with us :)

  19. Orman, this is awesome…this is such a valuable PSD, and what a great way to get more exposure on the WP front….keep the great stuff coming.

  20. As usual, you’re the man, Orman. I think this is the greatest work among all freebies!

    Hopefully you can spend some time doing tutorial on how to produce pixels like you did and sell the tutorials on

    Believe me, they will become bestsellers!

    Keep it up :)

  21. freakin’ AWESOME!

  22. Rensa

    i saw it on themeforest as a live version week before and i loved it so much :P
    Now i can see how it’s really made, u are really kind orman.
    Also, thank you for supporting us noob web designers :D

  23. Natashya

    Wow – very generous, thank you so much for this. :)

  24. Martin Zahuta

    Man, you’re really building a name for yourself.

    Thank you very much!

  25. This is a perfect example of give and you shall receive. Great work Mr. Orman.

  26. Orman Clark is the king of design and clean code! Thank you for all your freebies. . .and cheap premium resources. I have purchased Redux and Classica and must say they are coded as clean as they are designed. For just $35, they’re practically freebies for all the work that must’ve went into them.

    Thanks and keep it up!

  27. Daniel Chatfield

    Doesn’t this violate the envato terms

    • frank

      I think the terms apply to the template itself not the PSD.

  28. Great PSD Template. Can I create a Joomla Template with your Source?

    • Orman

      Sure. All I ask is that it is used for personal use or for a single client. Anything developed for mass distribution/download wouldn’t be cool.

  29. I really will be a big fan of you Orman..
    Thank You for your freebies and being my inspiration..

    • I’ve just purchase this theme..RRRAAAWWWKKK

  30. Love it!

  31. Raphael Essoo-Snowdon

    Fantastic job as always Orman!

  32. Great! Thanks a lot. :)

  33. Thanks man, this is awesome….

  34. px802


  35. really great work !!

  36. man, you are freaking out with those complicated shadows :)

  37. Luke S

    I coded this beautiful theme,

  38. Stephen Erdelyi

    Uhhhhhh…. how is this for $35 yet free here? Whats the difference (there must be something?)

    • Orman

      This is just the design. What you will see for sale is the fully coded solution.

  39. This is a fantastic template mate.thanks a helped me a lot with providing this mate.I am going to make a try to convert into wordpress.


  40. Just found your website via a link on the web and as a web designer myself I’m going to spend some time having a look around at all the goodies on offer here.

    I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen so far so though Orman…

  41. saffz

    Thanks for this I have been searching the net high and low for a theme like this one.

    Great job :)

  42. Akkhil

    This site is heaven <3 it!

  43. Wow, it looks great! I really like the style!!!
    thanks for sharing.

  44. lee jun hee

    thank you.

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