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Buddycons: 126 Vector-Based Social Media Icons

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Today’s freebie is a set of 126 vector based social media icons. That’s right, 126. These bad boys are worth a download, you’ll never know when you’ll need them.

All 126 icons have been carefully created in illustrator meaning the icons can be efficiently resized to suit your needs. Yes, the original .ai file is included in the download! In addition to the original artwork, all icons have been provided in 32x32px .png format. Nice.

Icons are included for: Twitter, Facebook, Lastfm, RSS, MSN, Windows, Virb, Viddler, YouTube, Flickr, Digg, Linkedin, Xing, Email, Yahoo, Yahoo Buzz, Myspace, Delicious, Google, Skype, Google Talk, Google Buzz, Design Bump, Designmoo, WordPress, Bebo, AIM, AIM(alt), Qik, Slashdot, Mobile Me, Mixx, FriendFeed, deviantART, Design Float, Cargo, Ember, Github, Yelp, Tumblr, Livejournal, Google Maps, Dopplr, Evernote, Reddit, Newsvine, Netvibes, Blogger, Behance, Pandora, Orkut, Brightkite, Apple, Technorati, Stumbleupon, Sharethis, PayPal, Picasa, Posterous, Addthis, Squidoo, Vimeo, Dribbble – Phew!


  1. Absolutely love these, thanks for putting the work in, and for sharing them!

    • Orman

      Haha cheers, took a bit of work but was worth it!

  2. DDStudios

    Yeah, looking great! Will use them really soon :)

    • Orman

      Excellent, be sure to let me know where!

  3. winteregel

    This set needs a forrst icon :) Thanks for sharing!

    • That’s exactly what I thought!

      Anyway, thanks Orman!

  4. Nice sleek set Orman, thanks :)

  5. I’m just amazed! u rock. liked them all. waiting for more resources!

  6. Thanks for sharing, awesome set :)

  7. w1sh

    The amount of dedication you put into these projects is mind-blowing.

  8. Thanks, Orman.
    I’m gonna use some of them in my new project, if you don’t mind of course.

  9. Very nice thanks for sharing

  10. thank you so much – these are fantastic.

  11. Orman these are beautiful!

    Quite a wonderful set, thank you for making this available. I am going to incorporate into my site update this week and be sure to link right back here!
    Well done. ;)


  12. Excellent icons, would love to see added though.

  13. silvia

    mil gracias por todo. thanks a lot

  14. Awesome Set Thanks For The Share..

  15. Natashya

    Amazing work, thanks for sharing these!

  16. This is really awesome! I’m impressed by all the free resources that you offer! You should button a donate button on this site ;-)

  17. I am a total noob and a dweeb about these kinds of things. I’m just learning. So forgive me if this question is stupid! (please?) First, these are gorgeous! Well done, you. Secondly, these aren’t hooked with any links or so on, right? These are the artwork, not the coding. Just want to make sure I understand correctly. Thank you for your generosity! I’d love to be able to hire you one day. :D

    • Orman

      Hi Paula, you’re correct, this is simply the artwork, you can use them however you wish, in websites etc.

  18. I discovered this I see many thing interesting!!!! Wonderful! Thanks for the sharing!

  19. Thanks a lot Orman, really nice icons :)

  20. Thanks Orman for sharing these with us, they are really nice. It is quite hard to find free social media icons covering the full range of social media services.

  21. aaron

    Thanks for doing these. I noticed there was no foursquare or gowalla icons. i created them myself based off the theme and system you had going. Something to think about adding and updating. Overall these are great though. Thanks!

  22. Is it okay to use these in my next wordpress theme?

  23. Dailybooth? =]

  24. SparkyFlash

    Absolutely amazing icons! Thanks so much for sharing :) Great work!

  25. There is an empty space for 1 icon. Foursquare maybe?

  26. Marcus

    they look great! i wish i would receive the download link.

  27. chi

    Hey bro, thanks for sharing your collection. i like it.

  28. Angie

    Hey! Wonderful work! Do you mind updating these? I’m sure I can spot a couple of sites that have undergone a revamp. Thanks! :)

  29. Jan

    THANK YOU!!!

  30. Greer

    LOVE your icon set! We use them for both web and print. We are launching a Pinterest page. Do you have any updates with a Pinterest icon? Thank you so much!

    • Orman

      I don’t I’m afraid. If I manage to find some time I may be able to add one.

  31. Kate

    +1 on Pintrest and Google+! And by the way, thank you so much for all of the wonderful iconography that you put together. Your work is terrific and very appreciated =)

  32. yuxu


  33. Hi Orman,
    thank you for creating such beautiful icons! Any chance you may be adding an IMDB ( icon anytime soon? Dying to find one as beautiful as yours.

    Thank you!

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