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Blueish Cloud Growl Style


Downloaded 25,728 times

Today’s freebie, a transparent Growl notification style, is a fantastic contribution from Swedish designer Victor Erixon. A refreshingly different style to others available methinks.

Victor has been designing for just 4 months and the work he is producing is already of a super high standard – he’s got a great future ahead of him I’m sure you’ll agree. Catch up with Victor over at Dribbble and give him a follow on Twitter (@victorerixon)


  1. mbilal

    Wow, really different from all of the other Growl themes out there. Great work.

  2. Looks great! As always.

    • Orman

      You’ve got Victor to thank this time round :)

  3. Great work Victor!! :D

  4. Beautiful Growl theme. Can’t wait to get home to try it. Thank you! :)

  5. RightSaidZed

    Nice, as always!

  6. Jacob Marshall

    Much nicer design and overall feel to other growl themes available. Seriously beautiful work on this one, Victor… and thanks again Orman for making these amazing freebies readily available to us!

  7. smitjel

    What’s version of Growl is compatible with the theme? Looks great!

    • Orman

      You’ll have to ping Victor for specifics on the coding side of the style.

  8. Linux Cloud

    This looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  9. S-id


  10. shivkummar

    This looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  11. rongzhousky

    very nice! thanks for sharing.

  12. Thank you very much for your sharing !!!

  13. brianfeister

    Hey Orman,

    Love these, but I’m partial to dark, and there is a small problem with your dark version. You didn’t include any colors with just a hint of smoke-ish (e.g. #3d3d3d) hues to highlight the edges on all black screens. Only the top highlight shows and so I can barely notice the GROWL. Most people don’t have all-black backgrounds, but I suspect there’s a fair number of folks like me who use Isolator to black out background programs. Just a friendly usability tip in case it hadn’t occurred to you, beautiful styles! <3

    • Orman

      Thanks, I’m sure Victor will be grateful for the feedback.

  14. Love it! Could someone tell me what this background is, or link me to it? Thanks

  15. Thanks Orman and Victor! This looks great so I decided to make a CSS3 version of it + a quick tutorial.

  16. fantass

    thanks~: )

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