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Apple iOS Linen Texture


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Today’s quick freebie is an Apple-style fabric texture. A while ago I asked whether we were over this style or not – mixed responses. Either way, I created one and decided to share.

Pretty simple really, a bunch of fibres running in different directions. The download includes the PSD so you can change the base colour and fiddle with opacity. I’ve bundled in a 1000px x 1000px jpeg for quickly dragging into your files. Enjoy!


  1. This is the texture everyone is using…..I’m next.

  2. Awesome texture – this will come in handy.
    Thanks Orman :)

  3. Very interesting. But please Orman please… Get a cool Vimeo Pro Account and record some tutorials… I really like this texture, but I prefer know how you can do it.

    • Orman

      Yes that would be the ideal, but, creating video tutorials isn’t the quickest thing in the world – only got one pair of hands :( You can pick most of it up from the PSD itself.

    • Mark McConachie

      I often find it better to tear something apart to see how it works than to just have someone show me how to do it.

  4. iwao

    i was searching it everywhere thanks your are the best

  5. Hollowpsy

    Now I’ve commented, the download links work (?!?!)

    GREAT site – thanks

  6. Really nice texture, thanks for providing it for the best possible price :P

  7. A friend at work asked me not long ago how to go about making this in photoshop. I had a go at it, turned out alright, not as good as your one though.

    I was trying to use the noise and wind filters, mixed with different layers and opacities. I think I was probably over thinking it though.

  8. ises

    Finally, I’ve been waiting for this texture from premiumpixels. Big thanks Orman!
    Thanks for always share high quality stuffs :D

  9. this is the texture i want for my sofa … ;)

  10. Good Job ! i love these so muccccccccccccccch~

  11. Oh


  12. gbaniya

    interesting one.. tkz

  13. w1sh

    Love this one Orman. Thanks

  14. craig

    I’ve always thought the texture was slate?

  15. Tous Usages

    Really nice ! Can we use it as a pattern for a background ?

    • camillo

      that’s what i’m wondering too… :)

    • CodeMonkey

      Sure we can, I don’t see why not.

  16. James

    I’m not over it – thanks!

  17. Adriano Silva

    Man, this is the best site EVER! Thank you so much!

  18. Yann

    I use it as my desktop background and it’s just WONDERFUL !

    Thanks Orman!


  19. w1sh

    For anyone else looking for extra subtle patterns:

  20. This is very cool! just used it for the background of my launchrock at . Thanks!

  21. Chris24

    Thanks.. this is great ;p

  22. Moritz

    …that’s a really nice one :)

  23. I wish, I could handle with photoshop like that… :/

  24. This is fantastic – I used it recently both on my website redesign and also on my latest Calendar freebie :O) – Thanks Orman!

  25. Benzai

    Very nice texture, great work! Thanks for this!

  26. Alex

    Awesome. :-D

  27. very cool…

  28. I’ve been looking for a good background for my iOS app and was fascinated with apps like keynote … thanks a lot :)

  29. Sam

    Nice texture ,Awesome job. Thank you. :-)

  30. Anne

    Thank you very much! A lovely background. :)

  31. Michael

    Very nice, thnx a bunch ;-)

  32. TDESK

    Have anybody the Wallpaper as PSD with the apple stamp?
    is the actually lion login desk … thank you so much!!!

  33. Mohmmad

    Awsomeeeeee !

  34. Alec

    I love the linen texture! I made my Mac’s background out of the original linen that is used for the login, and adds sections to it to help me organize. It looks phenomenal!

  35. Thomas

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve used this in a design.
    Now I want to print some business cards with it, but when I use the texture in the business card design at 300dpi, it doesn’t come out right. Obviously..
    Is there some trick to get this done nicely or should I recreate this at 300dpi?


    • Orman

      Thomas, you’re better off re-creating this at 300dpi if you need it to be crisp.

    • Thomas

      Thanks for your reply Orman.
      While waiting for a reply, I tried that option. I had some difficulties doing this. The technique I think you most likely used, adding some noise to the layers and 90 degrees motion blur on one, 0 degrees on the other, didn’t come out right. I think this is due to the noise pixels added being to small. The motion blur doesn’t come out nicely and the whole thing doesn’t even look like the 72 dpi version you made.

      Would you mind sharing the technique you used? Maybe it’s my technique that is the problem. Or if you (or anyone else) has an idea on something better, let me know.
      For sure I will post my result if I get something that is worth sharing.

  36. Thomas

    I’ve been trying for hours now and I think this does come somewhat close to the actual texture.

    I hope this will come out nicely when printed by the printing company. Maybe some else likes it or has a good use for it. If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know.

  37. vdixonn

    This is Awesome! Thanks!

  38. chrislyh

    This is Awesome! Thanks!

  39. merynv90

    i can’t thank you enough… you guys are life savers!

  40. Lovely texture…!

  41. awesome!

  42. Thanks…Great texture

  43. jith

    Big thanks..

  44. basemmusa

    Thanks man… you’re the man !

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