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Album Tracklist Widget (PSD)

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A month ago today I released a compact music player design, today’s freebie is an extension of that design, a full track list widget complete with covert art.

The design allows for the cover art, album details, a description and the full album track list. Each track also sports a popularity counter and purchase link. Let me know if you find this useful and don’t forget to spread the word! Who’s going to code this up?


  1. Hey Orman. I am loving this one – great work ;)

  2. pretty slick !!

  3. Martijn

    I’m loving the ‘buy this album’ button, i just want to press it!

  4. Can’t believe the title of the 1st track lol

    • Orman

      It’s a good track!

  5. Robin

    I will try to code this today :-)

  6. Robin

    Which fonts are used?

  7. Kevin Rajaram

    Dude this is awesome and GREAT choice of artist. I freakin love Lil Wayne’s music. On that album, i have to say Gonorrhea is the best of it all :)

  8. You have a great eye for clean designs. This is really sexy!

  9. To me this is the best PP freebie. Nice, nice & nice! :)

  10. zip

    Always the best you are!

  11. Hey, man thanks for all your freebies. I love them and this one rocks!

  12. gustotech

    what man u r ? great resource man :) awesome :) please provide newsletter subscription :)

  13. Very cool, Orman!
    The texture, colors and font combinations are really pleasing. This design feels like it would work in both real applications and on a website.

    What’s the deal with the yellow bars next to the track names? Is that popularity like in iTunes or what?

    • Orman

      Exactly, popularity like iTunes or Spotify

  14. Didi Medina

    whats the background used here its just amazing!! could i get a linky please…. =(

    • Orman

      You can just download the PSD :)

  15. hbuchel

    How are you so fantastic? :D

  16. Is it a coincidence that the styles used look similar to this?

  17. I’m sorry if my comment sounded accusing. Just wanted to ask about it. Thanks for clearing it up, I didn’t see your Forrst post before.


  18. Oh,I like it verymuch!

  19. butus

    I like it )

  20. TommyNator

    Awesome, this can truly come in handy with future designs!

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