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Admit One Ticket Stubs (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a set of two “Admit One” ticket stubs. Designing something around events or admission? A ticket stub can be a nice touch in your work.

Available in yellow and pink, these stubs are pretty much good to go. Some small tweaks of the copy and I’d say you’re all set. If you use these in a project, make sure you come back and tell me about it!


  1. Love the left yellow one dude ;)

  2. Exactly what i need ! Thanks

    • Orman

      Nice! If you use them do let me know, I’m always interested to see how others have used my work!

  3. Vezu

    Nice one Orman, you are a *

  4. Orman, your works are so neat and elegant..

    I could have used it for the following url if it was a release in Jan. :)

    Thanks for sharing….

    • Rensa

      Looks epic banjiya :P

  5. Chail93

    That´s awesome, orman :) It´s very important for me, that the works look clean and all your works look like this – clean =)

  6. Love it dude – saving for a future project!

  7. James


  8. Gorgeous

  9. Thats awesome! great work

  10. Wicket Ticket

  11. Rahul Sharma

    Jesus Christ! This is so beautiful… gonna use this ticket on my contact page soon :)

  12. Wow, that’s cool dear……… You rock!

  13. Nice ;)

  14. 92five

    Im seriously thinking of making my business cards like this… A simple ticket :)

    Thanks for the inspirational work!

    • Orman

      That could be interesting for sure..

  15. I have a feeling that these are going to be very useful – thanks Orman :)

  16. These are great Orman! Very good job ;-)

  17. Romina

    What a great job!!! love the details that you give them!!!

  18. I’m thinking of making these awesome ticket stubs into an archive of some film reviews, just hope that there aren’t any long titles!

    Anyways, thanks again Orman!

  19. Chris

    Looks awesome! Always in awe of your design skills :)

  20. I love your new website design. I’m really digging those little icons showing number of downloads and “love”s.

  21. Hhmhm… Orman my man, please tell me how do you made this fine piece of awesomeness :P

    Did you make a rectangle and then carv out the curves with the pen tool?

    Btw, love it as always :P

    • Orman

      Almost, started with a rectangle and subtracted a series of circles. Then styled what remained.

  22. Linda Gillotti

    Love how authentic it looks! Thanks for sharing.

  23. These are effin’ awesome! I could’ve really used them 2 months ago when i designed this page: ;-)

    Keep up the good work!

  24. Where do you get your textures?

  25. Fantastic work Orman, I created some of these a while back, but they aren’t a patch on your version!!

  26. Stefanescu

    Superb…as always!Thanks Oman…you’re the .psdman

  27. Thanks So Much Mate, I was Making A Sign Up Confirmation Email And These Just Add That Little Element Of Nostalgia To The Sign Up Process.Love Em Thanks Again!

  28. So, has anyone noticed something just like this used on the Summer Sale page on Steam?

    Steam Sale

    • CodeMonkey

      Where abouts? I can’t see it!

  29. Véronique L.

    That’s is freaking cool !
    I’m not a graphist at all but I wanted to be able to print those tickets on a 3.5″ long at 300dpi… but when I scale it, It doesn’t stay beautiful.. could you help me ? I want to do edible tickets on a cookie :) That would be awesome !

  30. Just curious what you’re using for the text?

    • Alike

      I’m just blown away from these totally awesome tickets! But the font would be really interesting :D Where did you get it?

  31. These are so sexy. Pixel perfect. Thanks for sharing Orman !

  32. Krog

    This is amazing, seriously. How did you get the granular/grainy look on the tickets themselves? Thanks so much for the help.

  33. Luís

    I love it! I’m using in that job:
    Thanks :)

  34. Joshua Dyck

    I’ve been looking for something like this for a web project of mine, awesome! Thanks Orman!

    They’re even the perfect colours.

  35. sarlaw

    What font did you use?

    • domnusca

      Also looking for the font.

    • domnusca

      It’s League Gothic

  36. skylok59

    so thanks.

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