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Account Setup Form (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is another sweet contribution from our very own Luke Beard. The account setup form is sweet and simple but miles away from being bog standard. Nice work!

You can see more of Luke’s work over at Dribbble and you should most definitely check out his prints at


  1. Have you considered bundling code with these ui designs? Front end designers would really love these if they didn’t have to dream up the code to match them. I know that’s more work on your end, but it would be some definite value added.

    • Orman

      I have yes, but alas, only have one set of hands. Perhaps sometime in the future.

    • Adam

      Hey Kenny,
      I have coded this for fun last week. I didn’t spend to much time doing cross browser compatibility (works in latest version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox). Feel free to use the code.

  2. Stephan

    Nice one Orman,

    And props to Adam for coding it up haha!

  3. Chad

    Thanks Orman for the design and Adam for the code! I’ve just started getting into the coding side of things and have often wondered how to go about crossing the bridge from design to code. Your example is a huge help, especially the degree of detail that you have included

  4. choia

    good !

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