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9 High Resolution Metal Surface Textures

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Today’s freebie is the perfect treat for the texture lovers out there, 9 high resolution metal surfaces. There really are a couple of gems in this bundle!

Each texture (jpeg) in the set is a massive 2500px x 1667px giving you plenty of options. Drop me a message in the comments if you find these useful and don’t forget to spread the word!


  1. excellent stuff Orman, when’s the tutorials coming?

    • Orman

      Thanks, this will happen sometime in the new year :)

  2. Tamar

    You are definitely a wonderful person :)
    Thanks a lot for all the great stuff!

    • w1sh

      +1. Your site has quickly became my daily #1 stop. Love the quality of everything you give us Orman.

      If you put up a donation button, I’d donate $5 here and there, and I’m sure others would too.

  3. These are awesome – thanks so much Orman!

  4. Hey Orman,

    Great, and useful, as usual :o)


  5. Steve

    These are really good! Cheers.

  6. great metal texture collection … very useful … thanks for sharing — Kathleen :)

  7. Awesome! Downloaded, thanks!

  8. Awesome! Thanks

  9. Dada

    I’m a french and yiu are a great persone

  10. I like it !!!!

  11. i like it, thanks, is realy useful

  12. Efrain Osorio

    Good collection! Thanks.

  13. Michael Cullen-Benson

    Whenever I need help with my web designs, I come to Premium Pixels first! Thanks for all the great work :D

  14. Lyn Scott

    I only just found your textures and had to have them. Wonderful! thanks!

  15. Fred Starbird

    Just discovered your site recently — I’m considering using one of your metal texture images as a background for the chapter openers in a book interior design project I’m working on (for a small publishing company). From what I’ve read in the licensing section, it sounds like that is permissible — is that correct? Any limit on number of copies to be printed? Should a credit line just include your name, or . . . ?

    Thanks for making these images available — I’ll be back!

    • Orman

      Yep, certainly permissible without limits. You don’t have to include a credit line but a mention (name and/or website) would be nice :)

  16. Cheers Orman! You’re the man, going to use these patterns in a few social media background designs.

    Thanks! Keep up the good work, I’ve bought about several of your WordPress themes thus far. Stunning stuff! Well built too ;-)

  17. kristalite

    This is amazing! Exactly what I was looking for and it is FREE!! Thank you!!!!!

  18. Felipe Claro

    Awesome textures! Thank you.

  19. Ronan Hughes

    Orman you sir are a legend these and everything on your site is wicked. Even just for browsing. Thanks a bundle

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