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50 Mini Icons (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is an awesome contribution from Swedish designer Victor Erixon – a set of 50 mini icons. Victor smashed it, these icons are not only pixel perfect, but have a ton of character.

After downloading the set, go check out more of Victor’s work over on Dribbble. Perhaps give him a wave on Twitter too.


  1. Awesome stuff !

    Thank you :)

  2. Serkee

    Looks fantastic.

  3. Nice selection. Ta.

  4. Very nice icons. I will add them to my local library for later use :)

  5. donna

    Really great set of icons.

  6. hiemstraworld

    Very nice, many thanks!

  7. Alex

    Awesomely fantastic stuff :D

  8. xoc

    Fantastic! Thank you!

  9. Awesome colletion, but awful background. Looks like selected text!

  10. astoba

    excellent, perfect for a ecommerce project i’m working on now. Thank you.

  11. jppv

    Lovely, Thank you my good sir.

  12. wow!! this awesome.. every icon like Orman Clark said has tons of character in it..

    if iMac/pc icon had a smaller “chin” it would have been better.

    Great work!!

  13. mattrock1

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing! :)

  14. thomeu


  15. lovelifeme

    very nice.Thanks for sharing

  16. nicolecampana

    Very nice thanks

  17. bossturbo

    Thank you!!

  18. very nice Collection, thanks

  19. saidulhassan

    Thank You Victor Erixon!

  20. themous

    nice icons

  21. Useful. Attractive graphics. Minimalist.
    – and — much appreciated.

  22. blackoutxen


  23. wake2001kbw

    Thank you

  24. hecker1

    Fantastic! thank you so much~!

  25. very nice ICONs….

  26. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing

  27. looks good! nice stuff

  28. Those icons are the cutest free icons I’ve ever seen. Good job and thanks for sharing.

  29. Love this mini icon! thanks a lot!

  30. Harish

    Thanks for these icons. Really slick! awesome!

  31. Looks great!! Thanks

  32. Very useful for me. Thanks for shaing.

  33. phillh009

    i love you guys… seriously.

  34. gabefriedman

    Lovely, thanks!

  35. Useful resource, thanks a lot!

  36. Awesome collection! I will forward this post to my developers. Thanks for sharing.

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