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5 Bokeh Effect Backgrounds

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A controversial trend in design, Bokeh has gained many fans and just as many enemies. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, today’s freebie is a set of 5 Bokeh effect backgrounds.

Each background (jpg) is 2500px x 1500px in size giving you plenty of options! Let me know your thoughts on the Bokeh effect and today’s freebie in the comments… play nice!


  1. I think just like any thing if used creatively, it has possibility to be dead gorgeous. I’ve seen bokeh with huge gaussian blur to create a nice effect as of late–esp., with warm colors.

    Incidentally I’ve seen Bokeh pop up a lot lately. I even did some of my own Bokeh effects two days earlier. In any case, thanks for sharing the love, Orman!

  2. orman, i’m new to your site but loving the freebies! useful for learning new photoshop techniques and inspiration, really appreciated, thanks, ben

  3. I didnt even know whats the name of this effec :D, seen it used so much current time.. actually, I got neutral opinion on it.. Its pretty simple and sometimes maybe nice effect, but to me it just doesnt look finished… :)

  4. Nice backgrounds. But I must say I have not been seeing bokeh being used lately compared to a year ago – and I view a fair amount of websites in showcases etc. I think that particular trend is dying out.

    • Orman

      I think that the trend is dying too, but we shall see how many people download them ;)

  5. This saves me a night in front of photoshop. Thank you!

  6. zip

    Thank you!

  7. Bokeh backgrounds can be useful in the right context, they’re great backdrops for photographic or for theatrical based sites I feel though can look out of place on other sites. It’s fun to create your own with a camera rather than Ps but requires a fast lens to get really good results (usually f/1.2).

  8. Thank you very much… but why “enemies”? ;) I think it’s good as any other backgrounds – if it’s used smartly and it does fit to the concept, it’s good ;) Nice work. Thankx.

    • Orman

      I think it has gained some “enemies” due to overuse, especially within late 2009/early 2010

    • Scott

      These types of designs/effects come and go. Once and a while you will see someone using it correctly and it will be able to stand the test of time. But for the most part its used incorrectly, used just for the sake of jumping on a trend, and it get’s ruined. C’est la vie

      Great freebies though! Just use with care.

  9. Just wanted to say its a real joy every time I get an e-mail with a new freebie – While I’m not a huge fan of Bokeh backgrounds I’m happy that if I ever have the urge to use one in a design, mailer or graphic I have a pixel perfect file to use ;) You’re quite the altruist – I think the entire design community and especially us “regular” webmasters out there really appreciate all the awesome stuff you share. Thanks bunches!

    • Orman

      Thanks Justin, I appreciate you taking the time to comment – especially when they are comments like that ;)

  10. I love this website. Thanks for the high quality freebies. I really appreciate the time and effort… and the generosity.

  11. Wonderful! Thank you

  12. MarshalMatthews

    I dont care I love these Im gonna use em.

    I just redesigned my site with a brokeh feel

  13. Parasar

    Awesomely Awesome!
    Man! thanks a lot
    You are the man! Orman
    : D

  14. Love the blur lights, thx for the freebe :-)

  15. alps

    Thank you! :-)

  16. TommyNator

    These are nice. It’s usually a good thing that people have strong feelings about these design choices. Means you can get rid of unwanted readers quickly :)

  17. level101


  18. CD12

    Who could hate Bokeh?

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