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41 Social Media Icons (PNG)


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Today’s freebie is an uber handsome set of 41 social networking icons in both 16px and 32px by Prekesh Chavda. Admit it, you love social media icons, especially when they’re this pretty.

Prekesh did a fantastic job at putting these together, and if you want to see what else he can do, pop over to dribbble or his portfolio.

Wait, there’s more. We’ve taken these icons and built them into super-handy WordPress plugin, free of course. If you want to link to your social profiles from your WordPress site, check out the ZillaSocial Plugin.


  1. Add Vkontakte please – it is popular russian social network (

  2. Reinier

    Wow, that’s sweet Prekesh!

  3. great set Orman!

  4. Hey, dude! How about icon?! ;)

  5. Simple

    Add odnoklassniki please – it is popular russian social network (

  6. Loooooove them instantly. But tell me there’s some 256×256 ones laying around? Who do I have to throw money at?

  7. Maurice

    They look great.

    My only suggestion would if you had them at 64px for retina display that would be very handy.

  8. Love these icons, thanks for giving them away.

    I’ve been trying to find an icon set that contains an icon for Stack Overflow ( and have had no luck – it’d be great if you could maybe add SO to any future icon sets.

  9. matt

    Nice icons. Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Marc

    like fax, phone, cell, Email, snailmail, url to it and you could see your great work on all of our print and web stuff within days!


  11. Brilliant, love them in your new theme

  12. These are really nice! I am surprised that there isn’t a Pinterest icon though.

    • Orman

      Perhaps one for an update.

  13. Thanks, really thanks, Is a unique icons pack, no much designers creat a icon for a “email” i really apreciate that :)

  14. We are missing G+ icon in this set.. hope you will add that to your collection..

  15. I’ve created a Pinterest icon for this set:

    Feel free to use it!

  16. Anonymous

    Another vote for 64px.

  17. Very nice collection of icons

  18. Foursquare is also missing. It so often gets neglected in these designer icon packs. :(

  19. jasongod

    it is so beautiful,love it and need it

  20. super super superrr…i am using these icons on my site right now! thanks prekesh you have done a wonderful work…and to sum it all up all the social networking icons i was looking for are there in this collection..keep up the good work buddy! :D

  21. Great icons. Great that Twitter has a bird rather than the T (which is according to their guidelines I think so thumbs up ^^ ).
    I’ll use them on my site. Thanks very much!

  22. Mike Wagner

    This is nice share, but it would have been better if the icons were like hand drawn, my personal opinion,

  23. Yes, please add Pinterest to this set of icons, they look awesome.

  24. Fer99


  25. Tassie Local

    WOW… and actual set of icons that includes the Twitter ‘Bird’ icon – Thank You

  26. xuan.W

    Awesome!Thanks for sharing!

  27. ersincelik

    Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  28. yawatakashi

    very nice, thanks

  29. Musharif Khan

    Beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Great icon set, few more social icons and will be the best ever ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

  31. Alexander Rechsteiner

    The best icon set I’ve found so far. Bummer they’re not available in 64×64 for HiDPI displays. Maybe some day? :)

  32. This is a great set of icons. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  33. m

    Thanks so much. The only thing missing here is Pinterest icon.

  34. Would it be possible to get an updated Twitter icon? Currently (since last year, 2012) developers aren’t supposed to use the old Twitter logo.

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