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20 High Resolution Halftone Dot Brushes


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An oldie but definitely a goodie, today‚Äôs freebie is a set of 20 halftone dot brushes for Photoshop. I’m Loving playing around with these on backgrounds. Nice.

The brushes range in size from just 200px up to 1500px and contain a variety of dot diameters. These kind of brushes are perfect for background effects or overlaying over other elements. If you use them, let me know in the comments :) Enjoy!


  1. Excellent stuff as usual.

  2. Antonio Capuozzo

    :) U might not believe in me, i was looking for something similar!!!
    Right on cue! :) Well done!

  3. nice! turn them into patterns next for more scaleability

  4. thanks Orman – these are great!

  5. Alex

    Love half-tones. Thanks for these!

  6. Tamar

    you are awome!!!! thank you very much. great stuff!!

  7. Thanks peeps, will be using these myself on an upcoming project :)

  8. caleb

    can you also include these in JPG format? a lot of us use Fireworks. its kind of hard to use a photoshop brush anyways.

  9. These are very unique… Amazing!

  10. Swopper Stuhl

    I gotta say they’re really nice. I like the halftone dot brushes. Thank you for always sharing!

  11. kaeruchan-wild

    I tried this already and the results are amazing

  12. kaito

    thanks!!! =)

  13. Geto

    Thanks!! I need it

  14. Samuel Martin

    oh man this is beyond sweet! thank you so much

  15. neoguri2k

    thank you so much!!!

  16. Fabulous, Thanks for sharing.
    Wendy x

  17. KJ

    Thank you so much for sharing. This is very helpful.

  18. KJ

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  19. thank y!
    i always want to use this brushes.

  20. kurznoch

    Thanks for this nice brushes.

  21. Thanks for this great pack. Very handy!

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