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11 Free High Resolution Fabric Textures

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Today I’m giving away 11 beautiful high resolution fabric textures for you to play with. There’s something in this bundle for everyone. Enjoy!

Each fabric (jpeg) is a staggering 2500px wide giving you plenty of options when it comes to usage. If you use any of these textures within your designs, stop by and let us take a look. Enjoy the download :)


  1. Like your style, subtle and powerful.

  2. These are so so good :) thank you!

  3. These textures were just what I was looking. Thank you!!!! :-)

  4. I have come here as I’m following up on the site’s list of “350 Free Fresh Textures”. Your site is on it multiple times. Congratulations! They’re right, too! Everything is so nice!
    Thank you!

  5. sherah

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing!…I don’t have WordPress tho. :-( Donate button?

    • Orman

      No donation required :)

  6. cmite

    I just download a lot from this site.
    Thank you your are very generous and talented. By the quality of your work your should work at Apple or Google.

    Thank you again;

  7. SofyaDri

    Thank you for these!

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