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10 Simple Web Buttons (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is essentially my secret weapon – a set of simple web buttons – trust me, these come in very handy! It’s ok to cheat every now and again right?

Designed in 10 different colours, these little buttons should fit into almost all web layouts. If they don’t, then just a few tweaks to the PSD and you’re done. Sweet and simple! The download includes the editable PSD. Enjoy the download and let me know if you find them useful!


  1. Lovely psd, you’re creations are such a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work.

  2. Croata

    Great job, very beautiful to the eye and it pleases me, I found your website two days, and I’m fascinated by your work, very good.
    You have a video lecture, or course where I can learn?

    Thank you for your contribution!

    • Orman

      I may start to include some tutorials but finding the time is proving difficult unfortunately.

    • Croata

      It is difficult to understand for you, time is precious these days = D
      I am happy with most of your files here in pixels premium, thanks again !

  3. Very nice work!
    You don’t have a place where people can donate to a PayPal account or something? I think people are willing to give every now and then for this quality!

    • Orman

      Hey Danny, actually I don’t. Maybe I could cook something up in the future, not top of my list though. I think the comments here keep me going rather than donations :)

  4. These are sweet, thanks for sharing

  5. jonathan

    Just awesome work !

  6. Here is my CSS3 version of these awesome buttons. Feel free to download and use the css code.

    • Orman

      Thanks Raspo, I’m sure many will find the CSS very useful! Good work!

  7. Vasilis

    I love this style of buttons…Thank you!

  8. Here is the standard CSS version of the buttons. I saw the CSS3 version above by Raspo but I figured the CSS2 version with images might be more practical for web use.

    • Raspo

      For a more practical use you should consider using the sliding door technique instead.

    • Jordan

      What would have been more useful is utilizing CSS sprites for the background so that users wouldn’t have to have all of those separate images for the link states… And of course removing the text from the button so it could be used for general use and not just for ‘Downloads.’

  9. Very good work, thanks!

  10. Thanks for the PSD, Orman. I now learned the correct technique to making such smooth gradients.

  11. Cool psd, Very useful, thanks to tutorial9 for sharing this link.

  12. Hey Orman, really nice work like always ;)

  13. Great quality! Your efforts are appreciated.

  14. Thank you for these Orman nice, simple and clean icons keep up the good work :-)

  15. Pretty slick :)

  16. Great bunch of button styles – thanks Orman.

  17. Swopper

    wow ! Great Button styles. I will bookmarked for future use . thank you for posting.

  18. joy budiman

    love the buttons – hope you don’t mind me slicing it :)

  19. saeed shadkami

    this is great .thanks man.goooooooooooooooood luck

  20. liked the colors.. very light but catchy… thanks for sharing

  21. konradkal

    Lovely buttons, thanks!

  22. Nice pastel colors. Really soft and perfect for a project that I have planned for next month. Thank you

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