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10 Dark Subtle Patterns (.PAT)

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Today’s freebie is a set of 10 dark subtle patterns which come in really handy when looking to fill backgrounds. The download includes a .pat file and jpgs for quick use.


  1. kellymulhall

    Wow! They’re so subtle, I can’t even see them! lol. Maybe I need new glasses.

    • Orman

      It’s difficult to see the patterns on such a narrow strip. Check out the download for the full effect.

    • @kellymulhall – It’s probably the monitor I have an ol’ LCD at the moment (switching to thunderbolt eventually) and the pixels aren’t deep enough for me to get a view of the patterns clearly enough. I would have to look really close. :)

    • Robertino

      @kellymulhall : It made me chuckle. Years ago when I was probably the last person still using 2 CRT monitors, I had the same problem with blacks and greys. They were just too old. A few months later when I looked at the same graphics on my 2 LCD monitors I could see so much detail.

      @Orman : Thanks for these.

  2. Nice work man!

  3. Lande_79

    Thanks! Good work! ;)

  4. emporioelle

    Those are great Orman! As always.

  5. bakalada

    Nice work!! thanks.

  6. Kirangrafix

    Awesome. Thanks!

  7. Great work Orman. I find files like these come in incredibly handy. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    • Orman

      You and me both, I use this kind of stuff all the time.

  8. bluemilk

    Thanks a heap for the beauties, Orman!

  9. Thank you much my good sir, love your backgrounds!
    Keep up the fantastically awesome work!

  10. dan_malarkey

    Thanks Orman. I really appreciate it.

  11. these are great, love them! now just need to find a place to use them…

  12. zaga

    Thank you!!!

  13. arslan

    its hard to find patterns that are this subtle.. usually i have to scale down bigger ones and that doesnt always work.. so thanx a lot

  14. These are great for backgrounds, they’re not too distracting

  15. Great stuff Orman. You should also put which plugins you use etc to acquire users and manage them. Just saying… :p

  16. ellockie

    They are excellent. Very subtle, very pro. Thank you!

  17. jaken

    thanks~I am just looking for it

  18. gk

    good .Thanks

  19. Aidonis

    Just what I was looking for :D

  20. dyscrete

    Thank you Orman, you can never have enough awesome patterns.

  21. al315

    Hi, I just found your website today as I was looking for free textures and art. I am probably a good software engineer but most certainly an awful graphic designer. Thanks to you I can now populate some backgrounds and other things with pleasant visuals.

    So thanks!

    p.s.: The only issue is that I don’t have photoshop and don’t really plan to use it. But the jpeg will be just fine I guess.

  22. Patrick

    Very nice! Thanks.

  23. Corbs

    Freaking sweet. I’ve been looking for a good set of dark textures for a while now. Many thanks

  24. px

    thanks clark, you are the boss

  25. stealthpaladin


  26. This is fast becoming one of my most used freebies. So nice.

  27. disinformatique

    The design is in the detail. :)

  28. henriquefrezza

    Wow, amazing patt.. Srsly!! (:

  29. Nice backgrounds, indeed very subtle, When I used in a sample website and rotated the pattern I could see the difference. thanks a lot

  30. More cool patterns – always come in handy!

  31. This is an AMAZING WORK! Thank you so much for sharing with us! :)
    is it even possible to make em’ in white ? :D

  32. Eugeniusmaximus

    They look great! Thanks you.

  33. Les C

    Thanks Orman, just what I needed.

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