The ever-expanding design system & UI kit for Figma

The ever-expanding design system & UI kit for Figma

The ever-expanding design system & UI kit for Figma

Design faster, smarter, and level-up your design skills.
Become a 10x designer overnight.

Design faster, smarter, and level-up your design skills.
Become a 10x designer overnight.

Design faster, smarter, and level-up your design skills.
Become a 10x designer overnight.

** Early bird discount ends 30 Sep **

** Early bird discount ends 30 Sep **

** Early bird discount ends 30 Sep **

Perfect for beginners and pros alike — the premium UI kit for solo designers, freelancers, startups, agencies and organisations

Premium Pixels will help you learn pro-level design principles and Figma best practices, save time, design consistently, deliver projects faster, earn more, and unite teams for seamless collaboration. Premium Pixels will help you become a 10x designer.

A growing library of UI components for professional product design. Pixel-perfect, easily customizable, and built using the latest Figma features.

An intelligent design system built with Auto Layout, components, properties, variants, variables (design tokens), and modes (light/dark).

Easily customize styles to fit your brand with a few clicks. Adjust typography, colors, effects, and variables just once to update the entire library.

Get new UI components, patterns, and layouts every month and enjoy an ever-expanding design system that never stops evolving. Sit back and relax while we design for you.

Design 10x faster with a ready-made, well-organized component library — pixel-perfect, super-smart, and versatile as standard

Stop wasting your time re-inventing the wheel by rebuilding the same UI components. We've built everything you need to kickstart any product design project.

Meticulously crafted, production-ready components that will speed up your design process and simplify maintenance. Need a new component? Let us know. We'll design it with unmatched attention to detail. Skip the redundant work and go straight to problem-solving.

Component variants give you control over the styling and configuration of your application. Customize your UI quickly and easily, and switch between variants in an instant.

Component properties let you customize each component with simple toggles, switches, and overrides. Nested instances will make you feel like a pro.

  • Shadow

  • Alert

  • Avatar

  • Avatar Group

  • Badge

  • Tooltip

  • Icon

  • Dropdown

  • Checkbox

  • Button Group

  • Button

  • Switch

  • Tag

  • Country

  • Text Input

  • Textarea

  • Radio

  • Select Menu

  • Select

A selection of components to whet your palate. We add new components every month and take requests.

Customizable to the nth degree — apply your brand styling to the entire library in seconds

Quickly and easily customize the design system to match your brand by adjusting typography, colors and effects. Take it one step further with variables (design tokens).

Designed to a soft 4px grid for consistent layout and spacing.

An accessible color palette with WCAG 2.1 compliance as standard.

A scalable typography system with editable fonts, sizes and line heights.

Switch between colour styles instantly for quick and easy customization.

Use shadows and other effects to enhance your designs.

Adjust variables (design tokens) for granular control.

Iconic iconography for all occasions — stop wasting time looking for the perfect icons and use a best-in-class icon library

Premium Pixels comes bundled with 200 icons from the iconic icon library. Beautiful 24x24px icons designed by the best in the business. Icons don't get better than this.

A full range of clean, consistent, premium icons spanning multiple categories. Made in Figma, for Figma.

Skillfully designed with 1.5px strokes on a 24x24px grid. Icon perfection.

Find and swap icons without leaving Figma. Search less, design more.

Helpful utility icons will save you oodles of time. Super-handy.

Dark mode all the things — enable dark mode on your designs with the flick of a switch

Easily switch your designs between light and dark modes using powerful Figma variables. Dark mode is no longer an afterthought. It's automatic.

All components are available in light and dark modes by default and can be switched anytime.

Create multi-brand themes and modes with Figma variables. Go from minimalist to brutalist in seconds.

Quickly toggle between modes or set components to switch automatically based on their environment.

The smartest design system on the planet — built using the latest Figma features

Keep your knowledge and skills up to speed with the latest Figma features and best practices and deliver your best work. As Figma evolves, you and your designs evolve.

Figma variables store values that can be applied to different properties and combined to create modes.

Auto Layout 4.0 allows your designs to be fully responsive and shrink, grow, and wrap to fit their containers.

Components and properties simplify maintenance and offer lightning-quick configuration and customization.

Pre-order now open! Reserve your hugely discounted copy of Premium Pixels today and we’ll deliver it to your inbox on launch day

** Early bird discount ends 30 Sep **


1 user. Perfect for solo designers and developers.





5 users. Perfect for design teams and startups.





10 users. Perfect for design studios and agencies.





Unlimited users. Perfect for large organisations.




All plans include the Premium Pixels design system, access to regular updates, and 50% off Iconic and Dunked.

  • The amount of quality in this amazing release by @ormanclark is outstanding. And the great thing, it looks and feels like it's built in a way that doesn't limit your creativity. It just seamlessly fills in the blanks.


  • Looks like a great tool for beginner designers to jumpstart learning Figma.


  • One of my favorite designers, now with a new design product for you! Premium Pixels has evolved to an ever-expanding design system and UI kit.


    Mike McAlister


  • This will save me oodles of thyme!



  • Looks truly premium. Great work!

  • It's looking really nicccce!!


  • Bless all designers that make an incredible design resource like this. Nice one Orman!

    Alfarel Zaki


  • Beautiful work Orman! This library looks so thorough and polished :)



  • Looks badass!

    Moe Araujo


  • This is gonna be a banger!



  • Good old Orman has done what I've been trying to do in my spare time for years. The difference is that he is x10 better.

    Edorta Ramírez


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Designed and maintained by Orman Clark

Designed and maintained by Orman Clark

Designed and maintained by Orman Clark