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World Map & Pin (PSD)


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Today’s freebie, a contribution from 17 year old Dutch designer Thom van der Weerd, is a sweet little world map design complete with location pin. Fantastic work I’m sure you’ll agree!

There’s no doubt Thom did a great job with this design, it’s clearly designed with due care and attention, and is ready to simply place into your designs as-is. Nice.

You can see much more of Thom’s work over at Dribbble and on his portfolio. Follow what he’s up to on Twitter.


  1. Nice work Thom!

  2. Jason Ogle


  3. Great work Thom!

  4. Only 17!? This guy is the real deal!

  5. Nice Job!

  6. sifhong

    looks good!

  7. Great work!!

  8. Perfect!

  9. Vida Hernaus

    Excellent resource! Thanks :)

  10. jessevlasveld

    This is so awesome, it makes me want to make up something just to use it.

  11. sakopetra

    Nice Work Thom!

  12. Looks Good…

  13. Prestige

    If the pin was about 10px more to the left, that would have done it (for me any hows). ;)

  14. Very simple and clean. Brilliant.

  15. awesome, love the realism

  16. Well done, Thom. Like it.

  17. Good work!

  18. Cool. Can I use it for my site?

  19. Detailed.. awesome!

  20. This is excellent! Thank you

  21. Thanks, this map graphic is awesome, nice layer organization too! I’ve already integrated it into one of my projects and it looks great.

  22. Nice Work. Gonna use it on my further projects.

  23. Awesome work!! What a nice details are done!!!!

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