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ViewPort: Magazine Site Template (PSD)

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Today’s freebie is another big one, a complete magazine style site layout. Looking through my archives I found this unused design and thought you guys might find a use for it!

The design includes everything you would need to get started setting up a content-heavy site and includes sections for various widgets and ad space. Let me know if you find these layouts helpful. Enjoy!


  1. Superb!!! Great work as always Orman :)

  2. Hi,
    Great theme, do you think it would be possible to have it in WordPress way?


  3. Oooo some orange…serious like =) keep up the awesome work.

  4. Wow very generous Orman, nice one!

  5. Going to attempt to code this up, may take some time though :-)

  6. this is awesome!

  7. Lovely freebies!!!

  8. OMG amazing template!
    Thank you!

  9. It’s nice, but it feels a bit dated. I think (I know) you can design a magazine theme that’s more innovative.

    Have you seen these for example?:

    Can’t fault your generosity though, Orman!

    • I think all the clues are in the post description ;) I have seen those examples before, some sweet work.

    • Justin

      Rich….. its free…..

  10. orangesandlime

    If there is one word with which I can describe you and your work:


  11. Awesome looking template.
    And this one looks good to practice my budding PSD to (X)HTML+CSS skills on.
    The ones I’ve done so far were far less challenging.

    Thanks. :)

  12. dominic

    Sweet looking template can’t disagree with rich more

  13. lhoussine

    Awesome looking template.
    What are used fonts?

  14. Anewdaybeginsalways

    That is so AMAZING!! I LOVE IT! Thank you so very, very much! Do you know what a gift you have? I am in such awe!! Wow! Words can’t say…
    Trust me, I am going to spread the word about you!

    Take care! :-)

  15. Pedro Hardt

    Really extra extraordinary all your designs! Thank you for sharing.
    Would the Viewport design be available as a WP-Theme? It’s what i’m looking for

  16. This is great Orman! Why didn’t you finish it up?

  17. What font for the logo please?

    • Luke S

      Are you mad? Just download the PSD and look for yourself.

  18. Orman, could we get the images you used in the full size preview? :-)



  19. I have coded this up! :-) I still need to place some images but I am unable to find them. I was using Googles image tool to find some but the others are too small and google is failing to find them. Also I still need to incorporate the drop down menus but I am having some trouble but here is the page for now..

    Enjoy :D

    • john

      I am missing the content striped background at Chrome :(

    • john

      Forget it my. My mistake. I thought the bg was going all the way down but I looked again at the original and see that this is the actual design. Good work buddy :)

  20. Great work. John is there anyway I could download a zip of the css and code. Thanks

  21. Thanks guys for the zip file and the design. Great work!

  22. can I make a WordPress theme of it and give it away on my site?

  23. awesome, of course I’ll put a link to the design in the theme and the download page!
    thanks Orman

  24. There are so many things I like about this psd. :-)

  25. Perfect!
    Good reference for designing your own magazine layout/template…

  26. Wow, all of these templates are fantastic!
    As someone who is clueless about web design, they make really great learning tools. Much appreciated :)

  27. Just stumbled on to your site.I haven’t gotten into using WordPress yet but I’m thinking about it. Thank You for sharing your great work!

  28. Christopher Dosin

    Great template orman ! currently i`m adapting this psd theme to a new joomla 1.7 template :)

  29. Great work on the design Orman. I am currently slicing this up and we’ll be selling it as a Genesis child theme on StudioPress.

  30. Really nice work! you rocks!

  31. this theme would be perfect for my site, can you make it for WP pretty please :)

  32. Looking forward to some reverse engineering on this one…. A great design and learning tool. Thanks for sharing!

  33. Fernando Chaves

    Bookmarked your site!

  34. Such a good design, can privilege to be here to share and download is really very happy!

  35. Great, thanks

  36. rdynamic


  37. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for layout

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