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Sticky Admin Bar (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is simple yet effective – a ‘sticky’ admin bar. Whether it’s used for web app controls or simple site navigation, sticking it to the browser makes sure it grabs attention.


  1. Looks great Orman ;)

  2. Great PSD Orman. You rock!

  3. Looks great and clean…

  4. that’s what I was lookin for to start my project, thank you, it’s a good start!

  5. vhlamburger

    Is it a part of a new theme? :)

  6. Looks pretty good…. but where is the rest :D

  7. Looks great, it will be fun to code ;)
    Thank you

  8. Orman! Love your stuff dude. I’ve been learning a lot from you. Thanks for all the freebies and ensuing insight.

  9. sychedelix

    Cool ;)

  10. Nice, nice, nice :D .. thank you very much ;)

  11. Just what I wanted. Oh my god I love you!!!

  12. Thanks! Just used this to start a new project. Would love to see a matching UI with buttons, forms, etc.


    ..I thought about adding some cool dropdowns with some jQuery magic. I’ll add these later on depending on how I feel about designing them first :P

  14. Smartik

    Nice idea :)

  15. I also added a nice little dropdown from the Settings menu! I’ll add a tasks & messages later on. Also I coded this so the admin bar will actually stay fixed on scroll :) If anybody has any idea’s of to add content to this, please do pop up :)

    Here’s a new link hosted myself;

    • I really like this and the fact that someone has coded it up as well makes it extra neat.

      Would you mind if I took this and used it in an upcoming Admin Theme – I really think it’s worth sharing.

  16. this is a really cool stuff over here thank you for sharing

  17. looks awesome, thanks for sharing!

  18. Just what I was looking for. Just need to tweak it to fit, but your hard work has saved me a great deal of time.

  19. Max Min

    Wow. I’m really impressed. All your stuff is super high quality! Looking forward to browse the rest of your site :)

  20. rabbit122

    awesome, thanks for sharing

  21. Anantajit

    Orman, thanks a lot. Thanks for sharing your wonderful works. Awesome!

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