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Simple Scrollbars (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a set of simple little horizontal scrollbars. Not necessarily something we think about designing often but when we do we should do it right.

Set on a dark background, the scrollbars include the track, handle and arrows – everything you need to tart up your UI. Have fun with it!


  1. perrycoke

    I always look forward to your next creation. Perfect as always :)

  2. Requesting permission to download this Piece of Art and make an awesome jQuery Plugin :)

  3. Nice new addition Orman :)

  4. Cant download it:

    “The information you requested could not be retrieved. “

  5. Orman, you could make some RSS icons, they might come handy.
    I know how to make, but you should make more awesome ones :)
    I made some for graphicriver, but they didnt accept ;(

  6. Not incredibly fond of these. I think it’s the rounded bar in the middle. It doesn’t have any sense of depth to it. And I’m not fond of the top arrows. Seems like their sides should be flat instead of playing with that rounded corner.

    I’m a nitpicker though. Trying to be constructive at least. ;)

    99/100 ain’t bad anyway. Keep up the good work/deeds.

  7. Yeah, really. perrycokeis right. I’d like 2nd scroll

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