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Simple Download Buttons (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a set of three different download buttons in three different states, normal, hover and active. Use them and abuse them at will.

A slight variation of the typical web button, these download buttons use a subtle icon to suggest the action of downloading. Drop these into any design and you’re good to go. The download includes the editable PSD.


  1. First. Keep up the good work!

  2. Another great share, and great looking buttons!

  3. Nice! Looks like another fun project to convert for the web. CSS3 transitions could look good here.

  4. Great work Orman, your freebies make me want to just make up projects to use them in. The soft subtle textures in all your projects are just perfectly done, keep it up!

  5. Hey Orman, these are a super set of buttons. Great work as always :)

  6. Thanks for these. I can definitely use these. I started creating my own, but they just weren’t right.

  7. So clean and perfect. Another awesome button. I love the noise on the black one. Keep the cool freebies coming!

  8. Orman, thank you for all your free stuff… All you make is so beatifull, the way u make every detail, looks amazing, everything you make is piece of art :)

  9. Wow amazing, thanks so much.

  10. Thanks for sharing these could be useful in the future :)

  11. Thanks a lot! very useful :)

  12. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Your work is highly appreciated by bloggers and designers from all around the web. Thank you for your work, and keep up bringing delicious freebies! :-D

  14. good stuff! thanks for sharing it for free!

  15. I just wanted to say thank you for all your awesome freebies. Your work is simply amazing! These are greatly appreciated and helpful. I do have a question though…I know these are editable, but as far as the size goes…can they be resized without affecting/distorting the rounded corners?

  16. Hello Oman,
    Sorry I’m french and I prefere to write in my langage.
    Ton travail est simplement parfait, subtil et efficace. (Your work is simply perfect, clever and usefull).
    Il est aussi élégant. (Your work is also elegant).
    Grand Merci. (Many thanks)
    Esteve – Lyon / France

  17. Thanks a lot man! I didn’t use the buttons themselves but the styles applied, you rock

  18. I coded these to CSS3 and added 3 more colors.

  19. Approach Guides

    Thanks for this — a big improvement over our last button!

  20. can i ask you how do you create overlay layer in hover group thx

  21. JoxnieD

    Thx mate !

    Cheers :)

  22. Thank you so much ! I has been looking for these download button many times :D They are so cute ! :x

  23. thank you so much!! i love you!!

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