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Simple Browser Surround (PSD)

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Today’s freebie is a simple little browser surround, something you might use when showing scaled design mockups or displaying your portfolio and so on. A nice little touch.

More often than not scaling down a screenshot of an actual browser surround results in a blurry mess. Hopefully today’s freebie will give you a very simple but sharp alternative. Enjoy!


  1. Very useful indeed – nice one Orman :)

  2. You just read my mind. Thanks Orman! Going to use this soon.

  3. Tim

    Very simple and clean. Thank you :-)

    PS. If there are any Forrst members around – care to evaluate my feedback and decide whether I’m worthy or not to be invited?? Thanks!

  4. I’m sure I’m going to be giving this one a real workout. Thanks heaps!

  5. Gervet

    Very nice PSD

  6. Just came across this PSD. Solid! Thanks for sharing.

  7. pixelcoder

    Really useful, thanks for this freebie.

  8. Simple and awesome PSD, I have used it. Thank You..

  9. Doing some portfolio updates and this is pretty much spot on. I can work with it. Much appreciated!

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