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Minimicons 2nd Edition (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is another guest contribution and is every bit as fantastic as the last. Zee has put together a 2nd edition of his minimicons and they’re just as awesome as the first.

Zulal Ahmad, aka Zee7, is a UI/Web Designer based in Pakistan who has a passion for creating gorgeous looking Interfaces for Web, Apps, Software and Mobile. He’s bloody good at it too I’d say!

You can see more of Zee’s work over on @dribbble and on his personal site


  1. Thanks zee! And you too, Orman! \m/

  2. Great work Zulal :)

  3. jonathan

    Great work Zee

  4. They are so mini.. and awesome!

  5. Thanks Zulal & Orman, for such cute & professional icons!

  6. Thanks, but where icon edit?

  7. Great work Zulal!

  8. Orman, as always, you and Zee rock (and roll)!

  9. Very nice. Thanks!

  10. Nice One! Some media icons would compliment those nicely :)

  11. Thanks! =)

  12. Glad you all like it. Thanks a bunch!

  13. As always, many, many thanks. Best quality freebies on the net!

  14. Very nice. Thanks!

  15. Great Job Zee

  16. Hello! I’ve downloaded some of the free brushes here and I’m currently making designs for shirts that I would like to sell. Will it be alright to use those in the purpose of adding elements to my designs? I just like to know if it’s legal before anything at all.

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