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Mini Mail Application (PSD)

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Today’s freebie is a pixel-perfect mini mail application mockup from Romanian designer Ionut Zamfir. The execution on this piece is outstanding, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Make sure you check out more work from Ionut Zamfir over on Dribbble and give him a wave on Twitter.


  1. Nice work Ionut Zamfir. I like it

  2. Really nice! Thank you!

  3. Paul Wilsdon

    Love this, the colour is balanced and the type is on point…the icons are a little too blocky for my opinion but other than that thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful. Love that blue!

  5. Thanks for the feedback, guys :)

  6. Slick. Keep coming the great stuffs guys :)

  7. 10 points for the photo of Emily Blunt.

  8. This is excellent. Can’t wait for more stuff!

  9. I have downloaded and used the beautiful icons one of my client design job, it was great looking.

  10. Ken Powers

    My attempt at coding this up:

  11. Hey, nice job, I love the color signs on the profile images. :)

  12. Great, thank you!

  13. Congrats Ionut Zamfir! Nice freebie

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