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Map Pins & Tooltips (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a nice little addition to your design toolbox, a set of map pins and tooltips. If you’re working on maps at all, this may be an interesting starting point for you.

We’ve all seen them, they’re not exactly something which I’d label as unique in concept, but the idea is solid. Stick a pin in it, animate the tootip, maps done.


  1. Lovely stuff, the pins and tips looks great. I think a little more work around the base of the pin, so it looks a little more “stuck in” and it’d look perfect but as you said, brilliant starting point.

    • I agree, these are awesome. I don’t have much need for the pins right now but I will definately be using the tooltips very soon!

  2. Nice… Could be useful… :) Thanks!

  3. saw the snaps on your dribble. Quality stuff.. I’m going to download it and learn something for today.. :) thanks…

  4. Leandro

    Orman I always come here click “Love It “, use RSS as a notification of new post.

  5. Good job ;)

  6. hey guys,

    great looking icons! very nice… Love it!!!

  7. This is great stuff! Is there a paid version that includes vectors and/or retina display versions?

    • Unfortunately not, just as-is.

    • Nico!
      You don’t need a separate retina version, they are designed as shapes, so eg crop the image around a pin then enlarge the image to 200%. Twice as big and not pixelated since it is shapes and not rasterized layers.

      But i guess you’ve already figured this out since 2011. :)

  8. Vladimir

    Good job, but I can’t figure out how to implement this into the actual map. Can anyone please explain it to me?

  9. Kyle Salonga

    Great resources thanks Orman!

  10. Thank you, I will be using these in an upcoming iPhone app.

  11. rmaeodus


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