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Little Notepad Design (PSD)

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Today’s freebie is a sweet little notepad design complete with grid lined paper torn out pages. Perhaps you can find a use as-is or evolve the design into something bigger and better.


  1. I keep seeing these page tears EVERYWHERE!

  2. Very nice, it takes me back to maths classes playing squares!

  3. Nice graphic — do you know if these psd files open nicely in pixelmator?

  4. Wow, lovely work. I liked the wooden background under the squired textured.
    And the best part of this note is the header, this is really very much attractive.
    Love it!!

  5. Jacob Marshall

    Oh boy, ive been waiting for something like this for ages, you’re doing a great job. Thanks so much!

    *Loved it*

  6. Nice shot as always ;)

  7. Vida Hernaus

    Excellent stuff! Thank you :)

  8. Abilev Radmir

    Good job. Thank you.

  9. Nice texture used on the title bar!

  10. Nice background, would love to have it for my next project!

  11. nice works….

  12. Good job. Thank you.

  13. So realistic, thank you :)

  14. Love the paper tear, thanks!

  15. very nice, I gonna use it in my site

  16. yifenzhou

    very clean

  17. hecker1

    thank you, very nice :)

  18. This is awesome. Looks clean design. Thank you.

  19. Thank you so much. XD

  20. alanhornedotcom

    Lovely work, looking to implement this in some way to a current design.

  21. Hi there,

    Wondering where the leather(like) pattern used for the header is from, or if there’s any chance you’ll share that too? You’ve given me some awesome ideas for an upcoming project!

    Thanks for the great resources.

  22. Makigea

    Going to use this in a design. Awesome!

  23. niceļ¼I like it

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