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Information Icon (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is an absolute gem, an information icon that has graced my PSD’s time and time again over the past year. A nice little addition to your graphic library.

Super useful, the information icon can be used over and over again in a variety of circumstances. I’ve used them as bullet points, links to modal boxes and more. The icon itself is vector-based and changing colours and size is simple. Have fun with it!


  1. Thank you very much. You are truly amazing.

  2. Oh, I remember seeing this over on Dribble. It’s really nice man!

  3. Leandro

    Font is Ballpark Weiner, beautiful.

  4. Thanks for this, absolutely brilliant!

    If you are interested, I’ve already put it to good use in an update to one of my programs, IPConfig. Let me know your thoughts.

  5. Amazing clean work !

    Reminds me of Spotify….wait you aren’t the designer of the Spotify Icon are you :P

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