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High Resolution Fabric Texture Pack #2

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Fabric textures, I love them and I know you do too. Today’s freebie is yet another super duper texture pack containing 9 juicy high resolution fabrics. Nice.

Each texture is 2500px x 1667px in size and so should have you covered for most scenarios. Drop in a comment if you find these useful and be sure to spread the word! You may want to also check out my other fabric texture pack too if you just can’t get enough ;)


  1. These are really great and will surely prove to be useful.
    Thanks so much Orman!

  2. Antonio Capuozzo

    Reli reli great :) :) i think i love you :) :) hahahah!

  3. w1sh

    Love it. 5-6 color palettes please. :)

  4. Great stuff as always :)

  5. w1sh

    Btw, especially love those tight-knit fabrics.

  6. Lana

    Orman, your textures are the best I’ve ever seen! Thank you very much, now I have them all))!

  7. sonja

    Hey Guys,

    are those for free?

  8. cuma elp

    thank u. this might usefull for my next project

  9. SofyaDri

    Perfect! Thank you!

  10. granit

    these are the textures i have ever seen! is there any tutorials that can help me with creating great textures

  11. MONICA

    plush… perfect 4 backgrounds