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Google Maps UI Controls (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a sweet little addition to your designer toolbox – a set of Google maps UI controls. Super handy for mocking up mapping in your next project. Enjoy!


  1. anodpixels

    Usefully bit of pixels, thanks Clark !!!

  2. Bastian

    Neato burrito, Mr. Clark.

  3. Great one It is very useful for me

  4. you are truly an inspiration! :)

  5. coryz40

    Is this to celebrate iOS 6 maps?

  6. Wow! looks lovely! Thanks for share!!!

  7. yaelrose

    how can I chage the map to another one?

  8. Wow Clark! That’s a great one!

  9. Amazing, Clark! Thank you.

  10. That’s Perfect!

  11. Wow, now that is nice. thanks Orman :)

  12. Very nice indeed. Thanks!

  13. Its very nice indeed!

  14. xiaowu-80h

    thank you


  16. Very helpful. Thanks a lot :)

  17. Thanks Orman – very handy!

  18. tnx alot.great.

  19. So great! Thanks Orman :D

  20. So great! Thanks Orman :D

  21. very Handy! Thanks Orman :D

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