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Free Video Player Interface (PSD)

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Today‚Äôs freebie is a custom designed video player interface. If you’re producing great video you might want to add a professional touch with a custom video player.

The download includes the fully editable layered Photoshop file and a snapshot of one of the greatest movies known to man :) Click the image above to view the full preview and enjoy the download!


  1. Wonderfully crisp! What is the font you are using for the title overlay (on the image itself, not the website heading), if you don’t mind me asking?

  2. I like this, a much nicer version of the YouTube video UI.

    I done something similar a couple of weeks ago on my blog and gave it away too, although mine is possibly more Vimeo inspired. :P

  3. thanks! :P is cool

  4. It’s awesome, great work!

    • Thanks Ricardo. I think one day you’ll have to share some tips of your own, great work on Dribbble!

  5. Awesome job! Now if only someone could make this into a flash video player ;-)

  6. Anyone know how I can export this to a .swf to use with the Flash Media Player WP plugin?

  7. Hello, can I use this player design as an inspiration for a project of mine? It will be a project for commercial use but I will NOT re-sell this psd file.

  8. Thanks Orman….I really could have used this for a recent portfolio site I built, maybe next time.

  9. Sorry if this sounds dumb, will I be able to play the youtube videos through this one? How can we use this? Awesome design. Thank you.

    • This is just a design, you would have to have this developed into a custom video player to play actual videos.

  10. Jacques

    What is the video playing?

  11. great film :) the web is yours…

  12. I make an other theme for my jQuery plugin thank’s for your great worl

  13. brandon

    Wow thank you for making this.

    All the layers a perfectly set up. 90% of all the PSD downloads I get are usually all scattered and not named.

    Thank you for this good item :)

  14. thank uuuuu :D

  15. agoddard

    @Jacques It’s Scarface.

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