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File Icon Set (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is something a little different from me, a small set of file icons. Icons just like these can come in handy in 101 different situations – something for your toolbox.

The icons themselves are relatively simple and hopefully self-explanatory. The download includes the PSD and the icons should fit nicely into 32px x 32px container. Convenient.


  1. Christian Zawadzki

    Yet another simple but elegant PSD from my favorite British Graphic Designer. If everything in the world was designed by you, yes you would be a busy man but everything would look beautiful. Thanks :)

  2. Another cool freebie..thanks Oman..

  3. Wow, very nice icons, I could definitely use them in a web app I’m building

  4. Awesome freebie dawg!!! ;)

  5. stop making new wordpress themes. Your awesome skills force me to buy and I am running out of money. :) you are a great asset in the design community.

  6. thanks! quite handy dandy!

  7. Great icons – thanks for these Orman :)

  8. Very nice Orman, well done!

  9. Vida Hernaus

    Very neat and useful! Thanks :)

  10. Vinay Bhat

    Orman, I’d be forever grateful to you if you could write a tutorial for a wordpress theme :D

    Lovely Icon set, would come in use in my next project.

  11. Another great share… Thanks! :)

  12. Tanks

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