Huzzah! We've released a brand new WordPress theme called Statesman. Check it out!


  1. Neat and simple, thanks a bunch, Orman :)

  2. Awesome buttons. Really simple I loved it. Thanks.

  3. Thanks Orman, simple and clean as always.

  4. Great! Thanks!!!

  5. Andrew Lucas

    Not digging the extra space on the right of the Twitter text, I’d of centred it maybe. Anyway not my place to complain when you’re giving it away for free.

  6. thanks guys, great job

  7. somebodyyouusedtoknow

    I dare someone to come up with a G+ button to match.


  8. nice work orman.
    but how do you create the background. it’s just so similar to background website.

  9. The word “sign in” does not have a hyphen.

  10. Nice work Orman. An excellent set of social buttons :)

  11. thank you orman.

  12. great thanks for this psd

  13. Thanks a lot! Very useful!

  14. I like them a lot!

  15. very crisp. love it!

  16. rossmarc

    is the code supposed to be included with this or just the images??

  17. Save my day, love it. Many thanks

  18. Dead link – you need to remove the “#” in front of “.zip”.
    Greetings from Germany

  19. lovely.. thanks

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