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  1. Hi,

    Have just discovered your amazing site. A lot of good stuff here.

    Keep it up

  2. Yay for daily freebies! :D

  3. You guys really do have some premium design assets here. I love the site and the content, keep up the great work. Thanks!

    • *Orman really does have some premium design assets. :)

      Wow! Man you’re really doing this site all by your self? You have some amazing work and crazy design skills! Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Thanks for the comments Curtis! Yep, just me by my lonesome for the moment ;)

  4. Epic man, really nice, keep creating this cool things

  5. Orman, you’re on fire with these releases. One of the greatest websites I’ve discovered for 2010. Much respect.

  6. Wow soft and simple login.

  7. Orman, do you know Illustrator? I’d love to see some high-quality vector stuff from you.

  8. It is awesome. can i use it in my sites ?

  9. Nephets

    Very talented designer! Even better that you share all this stuff! Makes you a true designer.

    I just need help coding this stuff… PHP is not my forte…

  10. Great work, keep it up man

  11. hi OC (Orman Clark) u r rocking man :) stunning resources man :) same time share to how to create that tutorials, more useful for users fans :)

  12. Seriously, great job! You’re freebies are awesome. Great design assets. Thanks for sharing your work.

  13. This is one of the most beautiful forms I’ve ever seen – thanks!

  14. Wow man, this site is fantastic so far. Big ups!!!

  15. You are an amazing person.

  16. Agustin

    Really nice freebies, keep up :)))

  17. Love this one to, really love your design style.

  18. I love you

  19. i like it .. thanx a lot <3

  20. queueinspiration

    this is very helpful man

    i will use it for my web design

  21. This looks almost identical to the My Cloud app Login (The old one) t

  22. lethalMango

    Looks amazing! Anyone coded it up?

    • username22

      Boy – now I need to thank two people.

      Orman – As usual: simple and excellent designs
      Shekhar – Thanks for releasing a coded version for free

      Big thanks to both! Will be using this in a project I have in mind.

  23. this login form is just what I was looking for

  24. good job!

  25. Good job~

  26. very good designment

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