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Dark Select Box / Dropdown (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a sweet little dark select box / dropdown. Creating dark elements to sit on dark backgrounds can often be tricky, hopefully now you have a head start :)


  1. It looks, smooth and pixel perfect!

  2. Thank You Dude

  3. what’s the best way to reproduce this in CSS?
    I tried dropkick.js, but having issues with width on a responsuve design

  4. Thank You,Dude,This is a good site!

  5. Very nice made! :) Keep it up! Really like what you do!

  6. robinstypography

    Thanks for the new downloads these will help me out alot.

  7. Thank you,I luv it.

  8. I coded this PSD. This is the final result. Feel free to use the code :)

  9. joefrey


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