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Dark Search Box & Drop Down (PSD)


Downloaded 25,569 times

Today’s freebie is a sweet contribution from French UI Designer Alexandre Naud. Alexandre has put together a pixel-perfect search box and dropdown menu for us all. Very kind Sir!

When you’re done admiring the elements you should take a look at Alexandre’s other work over at Dribbble. While you’re at it, give him a wave on Twitter too.


  1. great work Alexandre! ^^

  2. Chris

    Excellent look, BUT as usual this is very very very hard to convert to html/css.

    • Orman

      I heard developers love a challenge ;)

    • niki090

      why? convertion work is easy. You can freely change the size as you need or just copy the layer style.

  3. Adolf

    Nice Work!!

    just a question, where do you get that background textures? They are so good.


    Looks Kikass. Thanks Orman

  5. Great one..Orman :D

  6. Cool freebie! thank you for sharing )

  7. Nice little freebie, shared on GAF! :)

  8. Great job- THANKS

  9. Thanks for sharing PSDs file !
    “Simple & useful” THANKS…..

  10. oh so glad to see some inspiring contributions from other talented designers as well! Great freebie!

  11. Looks nice, but has anyone built this as CSS/HTML yet?

  12. Almost 2,000 downloads, this is awesome. Orman, thank you for having shared my PSD here! And thanks all for the download, enjoy.

  13. nova

    French power ^^ !

  14. MattMischuk

    Where could I find that amazing pattern?

  15. sirenum

    Very nice. I’d too like to know where you got that background pattern from.

  16. used it in the ajax search box in which is now on

  17. dora

    so cool~

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