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Compact Music Player (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a sleek and simple compact music player interface. I’m thinking a website widget or a music app skin. Either way, you’ll be dressed to impress.

The design includes the track name, artist name, a rating system, track controls and a timeline – certainly enough to be a great little widget for a music-orientated site. As always, the download includes a fully editable PSD. Enjoy!


  1. Great stuff Orman, it’s always inspiring to see your latest creations

  2. very cool player keep up the great work

  3. Excellent work!

  4. Very cool!

  5. Fantastic work as always Orman!

  6. can someone code it in html or whatever? :D
    great Design, wanna use it in my Website! ^^

  7. This is awesome! I’ll think I’l make it an jQuery/HTML5 player with a playlist! Fantastic work Orman!

  8. Fantastic work Orman!

  9. Awesome! You like Lil Wayne? Even more win.

  10. I’d love to see this coded into jPlayer…Would be sweet….Any volunteers? :-)

  11. Interesting, its very simple

  12. Guys, you can download this player on – coded in html and it’s using YouTube API

  13. I’m going to try and code this into a sweet little music player, I’ll let you know what I come up with :)

  14. Impressing , love your work .


    I will try to use it on a website that i am design by the way to build a record label ( with a friend ). I hope to ‘Feedback’ you the stuff we build. Real thing I hope it does not take so long ‘cos in this days I am bit tried. Just one thing we try to place a control volumen and maybe a flip for the image…

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