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  1. As always this file is first class Orman!
    It will surely come in handy.

  2. Great work! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This would also make an awesome contact form if you just lengthen the last field. Love the work. Keep it up. Thanks again.

  4. Stephen

    Now if only I could code this baby…

  5. Stephen. Here’s the code:

    you are welcome :)

  6. If anyone’s interested I ‘ve used this design to create a really accessible and double validated PHP contact form. It uses the new ARIA accessibility standard and the great jQuery Validation plugin (as well as server-side input validation).

    Check out the post here:

    And a demo of the form here:

    Good luck, and I’m happy to provide support via my blog above!

    • That’s awesome dude! Thanks for sharing :)

      @Orman – I LOVE YOUR DESIGNS. Thank you too! :)

  7. mars135805

    Again! I really love the details you did~! keep it up~

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