Huzzah! We've released a brand new WordPress theme called Statesman. Check it out!


  1. Great work as always, Orman. It’d be interesting to see and error message summary at the top and error messages attached to each of the inputs (e.g. “Required”, “6+ characters”, etc)

  2. transparent borders around the boxes are beautiful.


  3. simple and beautiful..

    thanks… :D

  4. This would look cool as a wordpress login. Great work!

  5. Nice and clean! Great one Orman :)

  6. I really love those thick, subtle borders around the inputs. I like how they change when they’re activated too. Good shtuff Orman. Good shtuff.

  7. very nice design. i love it!
    I hope you do not mind that I coded this masterpiece
    here is the html:

  8. real cool work, thanks for inspire me

  9. Very Useful Templates

  10. marshall

    Orman, love your designs….
    they are soooooooooo cool

  11. sunita.kunj


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