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Circular Progress Bars (PSD)


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Today’s quick freebie is a set of simple circular shaped progress bars or preloaders. If you’re going to make your visitors wait for content, might as well give them something pretty to look at.

The download includes the PSD for both styles; the solid progress bar and the segmented alternative. If you get a chance to use this in your project I’d love to see it! Enjoy :)


  1. Its nice ;) Thank You, like always great stuff.

  2. Great one!:-) Better than updating Mac OSX ;-)

  3. Wow – it only gets better & better. These are awesome.

  4. Aha… Pink, I like it.

  5. Rachana

    good 1 …sleek n simple :)

  6. outstanding!

  7. Very nice! Going to definitely use this one. Very sleek!

  8. Just wondered how would it look like in action, and here we are : :)

  9. Great work! Loving the colours!

  10. I’m loving it. This website is full of good work. I hope you’ll continue for a long time !

  11. Hey guys,
    awesome work on the progress bar. I actually wanted to use it, but i’m having difficulty figuring out how to make it work.

    is there an open source version of this, to make it work?

  12. No run in IE 9 :(…

  13. prasanjeet keshri

    very nce gonna try it on my boot screen

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