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AutoSuggest Form Fields (PSD)


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AutoSuggestion, the perfect tool for the lazy and illiterate. I’m kidding of course! Today’s freebie is a set of form fields complete with super nice dropdown for suggested searches.

The download (PSD) includes three input fields, an input field in a normal state, the same field on focus and a field with AutoSuggestion dropdown. If you’re working on forms in the near future, perhaps AutoSuggestion could help out some of your users?


  1. Blown away Orman by the level of detail of your designs!

    This new wordpress theme has an amazing amount of things going on but in such a clean way!

  2. How this ca be done in html and css?

  3. This is sweet! Cheers.

  4. HTML5Awesome

    Cool! love it :) Thanks

  5. This is awesome. Thanks for your generosity. Just one question: what’s a ‘thumblr’ theme. ; )

  6. Looks great as always :P

  7. Simplicity is always beautiful. Great work Orman!

    A small problem with the new design of your site, the small text is quite hard to read with the small font.

    • CodeMonkey

      It’s actually a Windows 7 + Chrome problem I’m finding. Mac and all other modern browsers seem good.

      Windows rendering is pants :(

    • Indeed, Windows and font rendering are not the best of buds.

  8. Thank you, dear Orman, for the brilliant taste of yours. This is the only web resource with such high quality work, and amazingly enough, it’s free! =)
    Best of luck to you and warmest wishes from Russia =)

  9. FYI, I’d pay extra to have the HTML, CSS, etc. :)

    Just sayin’

    • Haha, you mean ‘pay’, not ‘pay extra’. I’d love to do the HTML/CSS but I’d need a clone to fit it in.

  10. daviddaly5

    So slick and simple = beautiful!

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