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Apple iPhone Chat Bubbles (PSD)


Downloaded 23,499 times

Today’s freebie, a set of iPhone chat bubbles, is a sweet contribution from fellow UK based web designer Nicholas Craig. Goes without saying that they’re pretty awesome.

You can check out more of Nicholas’ work over at Dribbble, and you can hear what he has to say over at Twitter. The least you can do is say thank you ;)


  1. Its beautiful, thanks for sharing and the download.

  2. sridvijay

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Awesome work, thanks!

  3. There’s a little pixel bug at the spikes of bubbles. Missing some to get the line full

  4. pablolarah


  5. iConnie

    Thank you so much for sharing this awesome job! :)

  6. chongfai13

    Love it

  7. thanks so much…never stop sharing great stuffs.

  8. jdiraymond

    really nice, thank you so much!

  9. awesome! good for designing apps..

  10. I love it! Thanks for making it free! :)

  11. Wow! thanks for this bubble design, I’m gonna download it

  12. Yumenthic

    thank you so much for this :D

  13. Wow… Beautiful but can anyone tell me what is the font coz i dont have that in my computer…

    • Timo

      It’s Helvetica Neue Medium.
      I found it.

  14. Great job man, thanX

  15. Nicholas, great job… Any plan for an IOS7 art piece? It would rock…

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